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Khan's Glory
Khan's Glory (Gazetteer)
SS Locations Khan's Glory.png
Located in The Salt Steppes
Ports Yes
Shops No
Shipyard No
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Khan's Glory is one of three Khan's Fortresses ruled by the Khanate. This island is the home of the palaces and the court.

Port description[]

"A place of stately isolation"

Port interactions[]

SS Interactions Khan's Glory.png Khan's Glory[]

Port description[]

"Here are the palaces of the Khan and his court, each a fortress to itself. Sleek lords and ladies in belted robes breakfast on balconies. An unlikely antelope peeks at you from a park. Guns rotate easily on motorised gimbals."


Interaction Unlocked by Effects Notes
Offer a gift to the Leopard

The royal clan of the Khan. The Khan himself has a notorious weakness for coffee, and his court follows suit.

A long afternoon

You meet with an Effusive Official in a room of blue glass and pierced porcelain. You supply the customary compliments and courtesies, while he nods complacently. Finally you present a sample of the coffee. The Official comes suddenly awake, inhales the scent of the coffee, glances regretfully at the porcelain screen behind him - a watcher? He bows to you three times and sends you on your way.

Petition for access to the Nephrite Quarter

The Clan of the Leopard grants trade licenses to foreigners.

A grand ceremony

The Effusive Official is today attended by three servants and a Blue Priest, each carrying a candle of a different colour. He speaks a formula in Khaganian, in Greek, and in one of the languages of the Elder Continent. You are anointed with oils and presented with a pair of sharkskin gloves. The Blue Priest admits you to a slightly less debased echelon of foreignness, and blesses you in the name of the Deep Blue Heaven.

After that, you start filling in forms...

Game note: This gives you access to the Nephrite Quarter in Khan's Heart to the South, allowing you to sell your goods there.
Offer a gift to the Taimen

This clan is named for a sizeable and ferocious fish of the Surface. They have a fondness for Drowning-Pearls, for some secret clan ritual.

An offering accepted

In the Yellow Chamber by the palace entrance, a Masked Functionary scrutinises the pearls. "Yes," she says. Even through the mask, she does not meet your eyes. She rises, turns, and leaves.

Plead your case with the Taimen

The Taimen Clan has long controlled the White-and-Golds, the 'loyalty service' who watch Khaganians and foreigners alike. If they're convinced your intentions are good, they may be lenient.

The Steel Chamber

Two Masked Functionaries hear your request. They confer briefly. One of them marks the paper in front of him. They wait for you to leave.

Game note: If your Suspicion has risen too high, this will reduce it.
Ask the Leopard contacts to intercede with the Taimen

If your Khaganian Suspicion has risen too high, the Taimen can help. The Leopard may induce them to do so.

Tea and confusion

The Effusive Official sips tea while you run through the polite forms of request. You're not sure he's listening. "Absolutely!" he splutters suddenly. He hands you a form for - as far as you can make out - a request for a fisherman's license. You explain, patiently, again. He nods apologetically and gives you a second copy of the same form: but this time, he writes your name carefully in the Roman, not the Khaganian, alphabet.

You hand the form back, very politely.

On the fourth explanation, you begin to make progress...

Ask your Taimen contacts to intercede with the Leopard.

The Leopard's favour is essential for gaining access to Khanate trade.

The Grey Chamber

A Masked Functionary hears your request in the Grey Chamber. "We will consider the matter," is all she says.

Cruise past the clan palaces

Khan's Glory has a steely beauty, but the clan-lords are ever-suspicious of spies, and those gun emplacements are vigilant.

Failed event
A warning shot

Sculpted curves of stone and silver, coral statu - a triple salvo from a gun emplacement scars your bow! Turn back to the sanctioned harbour, quickly.

Successful event
Strength and brilliance

Light blazes from every gate and window. You glimpse guards in gleaming uniforms, subterranean gardens of mauve and purple, hanging ornaments of scaled carnelian and jade, statues of warrior-khans past. The water is dark and calm. The sentries watch you with calm distrust.

Cruise past the clan palaces

Khan's Glory has a steely beauty, but the clan-lords are ever-suspicious of spies, and those gun emplacements are vigilant.

...and turn back

A Khanate gunboat passes the harbour mouth twice. An officer in a red-and-gold uniform scrutinizes you through a spyglass. Best save it for another time.

Offer Strategic Information to the Taimen

Treason is such an old-fashioned word.

An audience in the White Chamber

In the glow of a single filament-bulb, a Masked Functionary takes down your information. She asks careful, pointed, questions. Finally she nods. "The Taimen will show their gratitude." She points at a drawer on your side of the desk: you open it to find a bag of London coinage. She doesn't bid you good-bye. You have the impression that she doesn't particularly like traitors, even useful ones.

Sell the Memento Mori

The Effusive Official from the Leopard is sceptical. After he has witnessed you demonstrate the device, his scepticism melts like butter on the stove.

The Khan is grateful.

"The principles of this device are - unprecedented. You have done something extraordinary here today. This changes everything." He smiles. "London is no rival of ours, now."

Game note: The Khanate will give you three Captivating Treasures.
Release a blemmigan

Perhaps it can sneak under the noses of these grandly epauletted guards with their frightening modern weapons -

Blemmigan negation

The blemmigan halts atop the rail. It directs its eyeless dome towards the guards. It folds its tendrils. The message is quite clear.

Take a meeting concerning a matter of no importance

A servant of the Taimen is missing. His loss is a danger.

There is a place one doesn't speak of

Officially, a former servant of the Taimen, who did not engage in the gathering of strategic information, did not disappear to the Unterzee port of Anthe, which officially does not exist. At length you hear what this servant did not look like, and strict prohibitions against pursuing him.

Triggered events[]

These events trigger when you dock and certain conditions are met.

SS Interactions Tomb-Colonists in Khan's Glory.png Tomb-Colonists in Khan's Glory[]

See Tomb-Colonists in Khan's Glory page.

This event triggers if you have the following:

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