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Khanate (Map)
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The Khanate is Fallen London's primary rival in the Unterzee. The Khanate began when the Bazaar stole the capital city of the Mongol Empire, Karakorum.


The Khanate has retained some portion of their Tengrist beliefs from before their city's fall. The blue sky, always important in Mongol beliefs is a key element in religious services in the Khanate. The interior of a blue dome representing the sky is illuminated by a large electric light representing the sun.


The Khanate is very distrustful of foreigners. The security services the White-and-Golds carefully watch for any suspicious activity and can be seen to carry off agents of the The Dark-Spectacled Admiral.


The Khanate rules three main locations in the Unterzee. Khan's Heart which contains much of the populace, Khan's Glory in which the ruling clans maintain their palaces, and Khan's Shadow a major port which is also home to those who feel they have no place in Khanate society.