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Letters of the Name-Which-Burns
SS correspondence2small.png
Category Quality
Type Misc
Data ID 117225

Letters of the Name-Which-Burns is considered a Misc Quality in Sunless Sea.

Linked to[]

SS Locations Frostfound.png Frostfound, SS Locations Kingeater's Castle.png Kingeater's Castle, SS pianistgaz.png Carnelian Exile

Quality description[]

"A name of force and resonance, abandoned in a high tower by the one who bore it. Now it's yours."


The requirements to begin this part of the quest are fairly extensive and difficult to obtain. The player must sail off the edge of the map in each direction and obtain the SS dawnmachinesmall.png The Western Stigma, SS buoysmall.png The Mark of the East, SS avidhorizon portsmall.png The Scars of the North and SS bloodstainsmall.png The Touch of the South. Additionally, the player must obtain a SS sidebardreadedsmall.png Dread Surmise and have at least SS bazaarsunsmall.png Menaces: Yearning, Burning ≥ 100. Once all these requirements are met, the player must head to SS Locations Frostfound.png Frostfound with less than 20x total SS skullsmall.png Terror and trek through the SS frostfound interiorgaz.png The Corridors of Frostfound to reach the 100x SS skullsmall.png Terror threshold through event triggers to select the TRAVELLER RETURNING option, which will initially grant the player 4x SS correspondence2small.png Letters of the Name-Which-Burns. This will trigger the event SS correspondence2small.png The Name-Which-Burns which will allow the player to obtain the other 3 letters (7 letters total) to complete this part of the SS pianistgaz.png Carnelian Exile's ambition.

Note: Most of the phases of the SS pianistgaz.png Carnelian Exile's questline, this portion included, will do significant damage to the player's stats. Be prepared to sacrifice a great deal, which includes more than just stats, in order to complete this alternate Objective: Ambition.

Quality status[]

Letters of the Name-Which-Burns has different statuses according to your actions, defined by the comment in front of the quality.

Journal description[]

  • [1] One letter
  • [2] Two letters
  • [3] Three letters
  • [4] Four letters
  • [5] Five letters
  • [6] Six letters
  • [7] Seven letters: the name is complete

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