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SS lifeberg topgaz.png
Type Monster
Stats Health: 400
Location Whither

Their glassy blackness recalls Mt Nomad, the predatory terrain feature which haunts the blackness of Void's Approach. What is their connection?


The lifeberg appears as a large chunk of ice or glass drifting through the water, but it is so much more. This ice hungers for ships and men.


The lifeberg, like most zee-monsters, does not shoot at you -- it only has a charging attack. It also cannot submerge, making it an easy target. However, it has a lot of life and, once it's established a course, charges very fast and does a lot of damage.

You may be able to dim your lights, sneak up on the lifeberg from "behind" (in the opposite direction from which it's traveling), and get a shot or two in, then dodge its charge. Because it takes so many hits, it's wise not to hunt a lifeberg without an upgraded gun.

Note: Farming Lifebergs just south of Censor's Arch near Whither is an excellent source of money, fuel, and supplies. A successful replenishment of supplies can net you up to 7x fuel and 13x supplies at the cost of one kill. These monsters respawn quickly so you can easily take several out and stock up before long voyages. When pillaging them for treasure they commonly drop Outlandish Artefacts, which can be traded to the Scholar in London for 100 echoes apiece. Since you can alternate between resupplying and looting for treasure, you can essentially farm Lifebergs forever without returning to London. Even your hull can be repaired with excess supplies, should you take damage. In one hour's time you can make well over 5,000 echoes this way and still have enough fuel and supplies to sail off afterward.

Beware of Zee Bat swarms, though: they tend to spawn in the area and can quickly aggro and surround you while Lifebergs close in.


You've destroyed a Lifeberg[]

Take a moment to enjoy your victory, then poke through the fragments.

Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Concentrate on gathering treasures

You need money more than edibles.

A remnant of an earlier victim

Something valuable, perhaps. Regardless, you'll have a tale to tell.

Rare event (50%)
Dark fragments

Fragments gleam like obsidian in the depths of the ice. Their glassy blackness recalls Mt Nomad, the predatory terrain feature which haunts the blackness of Void's Approach. What is the connection?

Concentrate on replenishing supplies

It's big. There may be something edible or combustible in there. Somewhere.

Failed event
A disappointing haul

A few frozen and half-digested turbot. A barrel of extravagantly ancient limes.

Successful event
Waxy white lumps, paraffin-sheened, drift among the fleshy ice. These are what zailors call 'hell-droppings'. Did the Lifeberg eat them, or produce them? You can salvage, besides, a few barrels of supplies, left from a previous victim.

Planned interactions[]

Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Record any Observations "Glints like eyes"

Game Data[]

Note, these are literal values taken from game file. Auroral Megalops included for reference.