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Light-Ship (Map)
SS Locations Light-Ship.png
Located in North of Hunter's Keep

South of Hunter's Keep

Ports Yes
Shops No
Shipyard No
Data ID 152931

These light ships are stationary ships that can be found throughout Sunless Sea and are easily identified by a large beacon of light that circles counter-clockwise.

Staying in the light will keep your SS skullsmall.png Terror from increasing.

Since the crew of these ships are always longing for news from the shores, you can trade with them SS gossipsmall.png Recent News for -5 points of SS skullsmall.png Terror.

Port description[]

"Far from home."

Port interactions[]

SS lightship portgaz.png Light-Ship[]

Location description[]

Its clear bright beam warms the way.


Interaction Unlocked by Effects
Speak to the Crew

They long for news of home...

Tea beneath the light

In the bleaching glare of the lens, among the smells of oil and metal, you sip tea and chat. The zee's terror recedes.

Purchase Fuel

They have a little spare, but it's twice the usual price.

A rattling load

Your zailors chat uneasily while the light-crew load the coal.

Put a blemmigan aship

It's unlikely to flourish, but you'll have done your duty.

Oil and light

The blemmigan scampers off into the innards of the ship. Warm, but steely; quiet, but brightly lit. Surely it'll live a lonely, unfruitful life?

Oh, no. No no no!

"We've heard about you. You're Captain Mushroom. You, Captain Mushroom, can turn right around and get back on your ship."

No longer welcome

The light-ship crew line the rail as you leave, jeering and flinging fungus, which bounces harmlessly off your ship's hull. Charmless fellows.

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