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Longshanks Gunner
Longshanks Gunner
Position Gunnery Officer

SS ironsmall.png +1 x Iron

Data ID 107458

Longshanks Gunner is a potential Gunnery Officer crew member.

Character description[]

A Longshanks is a recent graduate from the urchin-gangs. But where did she learn to fire a cannon?

Game note: The Longshanks Gunner is not the most distinguished of officers, but she'll do until you find someone better.


The Longshanks Gunner can be obtained if you choose the A street urchin! action in the SS jigsawgaz.png Who were you? event.

You cannot recruit this officer anywhere else in the game. Once you lose the Longshanks Gunner it will be forever.


Speak to the Longshanks Gunner[]

“Orright, Captain. What do yer want me to shoot at now?”

Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Increase your Iron

“I'll swap yer.”

Days with the Regiment

The Gunner ran with the Regiment, the urchin-gang who keep a cannon in a high clock-tower. But the urchin-gangs reject adults, and now she plies her skills at sea. From the way she stumbles over the story, she still misses them.

Game note: Spending a Secret will improve your Iron, but no higher than 50.
Ask her what she wants from life

Why did she come to zee?

“Khan's Shadow!”

“It's like the Flit at zee, right? No one to tell yer what to say or do. And no one to kick yer downstairs, just 'cos you got a little bit tall. I'll be a faithful officer, but put me ashore at the Shadow, and I won't forget yer.”

Game note: Khan's Shadow is east of the Khanate proper, in the east-central Unterzee.
Proposition the Longshanks Gunner

“I always liked you. Back when we was still on the roof-tops.”

Game note: The Gunner has grown bored of subtlety. Ensure your Iron is at least twenty points higher than your Veils.

A tousled heap

You bear her laughing to the bunk, where you both do your best to stifle the laughter. (It wouldn't do to have the crew overhear. An affair with an officer would cause trouble.) The Gunner is lean, forthright and energetic: you are exhausted by the time you both drift off to sleep.

Game note: Opportunities for other trysts with the Gunner will occur while you're at sea, substantially reducing Terror. However, if you have a lover in port, they might find out.

Exchange a secret smile

No one must know.


Game note: Opportunities for other trysts with the Gunner will occur while you're at sea - but not quite yet.


Apart from giving the stat bonus and increasing your stats with secrets, you can also transport this officer to the required final destination. Doing so will exchange the officer for other items.

The final destination of the Longshanks Gunner is SS Locations Khan's Shadow.png Khan's Shadow. Go there and you will have the following action:

Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Let your Longshanks Gunner go ashore

“I'm no more good to yer, Captain. I've got the scent o' freedom, now, and I'm for the city of broken ships.”

A profitable parting

“So I've got a confession to make. I've been moonlighting in the old trade. Not aboard ship. I'd never steal from a shipmate, cap'n, I zwear!” She winks. “But a port here, a port there. Here's some of my haul, and thanks.”

She hands you a collection of clinking objects wrapped in cloth, shoulders a bundle, and, whistling, hurdles the rail to land in a rusting coal-barge. She's gone.

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