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Category Story Event
Type Story
Linked to SS skullsmall.png Terror
Data ID 150669

MUTINY! is a Sunless Sea Story Event.

Trigger conditions[]

MUTINY! is automatically triggered at zee if you have the following:

Story description[]

Fear and despair have destroyed the loyalty of your crew. Half of those who remain have taken up arms against you. You've taken shelter in the bridge, while their shots ring out around you.


Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Cut them down!

Cowards! Villains! Damn them all!

Game note: Failure here means your game is over.

    SS ironsmall.png Iron challenge ( 167 for 100% )
Failed event
Treachery and despair

You take cover with your loyalists, and hold them at bay as long as you can. One by one, you run out of ammunition. When they storm the bridge, you fight them hand-to-hand... to no avail. One of them smashes you through the glass of the bridge windows. You tumble to the deck as they shout in desperate victory, and land with a final crunch.

Successful event
A costly victory

A haze of blood and gunfire. Screams and imprecations. A man you knew with your knife in his heart. Rather quickly, it's over. You are drenched in blood and racked with wounds, and many of your crew are dead - but you stand victorious. Push the corpses of the mutineers into the sea, and press on for what little time remains to you.

Attempt to win them round

You're their only hope of reaching home alive. Make them understand that.

Game note: Failure here will, as it happens, also end the game.

    SS heartssmall.png Hearts challenge ( 334 for 100% )
Failed event
A final betrayal

You think you're getting through to them. You see the lead mutineer nod in understanding, and lower his stolen rifle. You step out of cover, your arms raised... and a shot from his companion topples you. The false-stars above are the last thing you see. They're beautiful.

Successful event
The long way home

Home, hearth, sweethearts, grog. Mrs Plenty's Rubbery Lumps. If they stick with you, they'll see these things again. You see them nod and lower their weapons. The lead mutineer rushes you regardless, screaming in incoherent rage. You cut him down. You've won some time. But your confidence, and their trust in you, are failing.

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