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Complete map, including ports and labels added in Zubmariner DLC. While the tiles will change location (see below, under Map Generation), this may help a new player identify partially revealed locations.

The map or chart of the Unterzee is your primary method of navigating the treacherous, dark waters. Unless a Correspondent legacy is passed on, the Unterzee will be rearranged for each new captain.

Table map[]

The map is divided into 36 "tiles," most of which can be rearranged. Crossing from one tile to another will be recorded in the Ship's Log, mentioning the name of the new tile, if any, and a short blurb about it.

Here is one possible layout of the map tiles, represented with a table. While this arrangement is only one possible tile arrangement, the list of ports for each tile, not including light-ships, is accurate.

The Unterzee Map
Boreal Reach Palmerston's Reach Frostfound Void's Approach Stormbones Pillared Sea

Tomb Colonies Stonesoul Isles Nameless Tile Sea of Voices Rattsey The Empire of Hands


Southern Archipelago Demeaux's Gate Corsair's Forest Sea of Lilies Salt Steppes The Calumnies

Cumaean Canal Shepherd's Wash The Snares Principles of Coral Stamford's Expanse The Chelonate

Iron Republic The Promised Sea Nameless Tile Myceligaea Sea of Autumn Gossamer Way

Dawn's Edge The Carnelian Coast Crying Heights Adam's Cape Southern Wall Sea of Statues


Ship's Log[]

Each tile has a unique entry into the Ship's Log when you sail into it. This is a comprehensive list of each tile's name, ports, and the Log entry given upon entering.

Tile Name Ports Log Entry
Boreal Reach

Boreal Reach. Is this snow? Touch it, and it puffs to vapour. Your crew huddles close to the warmth of pipe and funnel.

Tomb Colonies

Dust, echoes: even a sepia tint to the air. These are the waters around the Tomb-Colonies.

Southern Archipelago

Home waters. Zailors dawdle at the rail, watching for the lights of London.

Cumaean Canal

Little ships throng the waters here. The crew go wistful: they swap old stories of sunlit sea. We draw near to the Cumaean Canal, the way to the surface.

Iron Republic

Sizzling vapours rise from the sea. Time slips sideways. A coil of rope has stung a stoker, and his fellows beat it to death. We are under the hand of the Iron Republic.

Dawn's Edge

Came on deck to find the metal sharp with sparks. Ozonal coronas haunt the ship. This is Dawn's Edge.

Palmerston's Reach

Palmerston's Reach. There is brimstone on the wind.

Stonesoul Isles

A baked breeze rises, the improbably scent of stone out of some distant desert. You are close to the Salt Lions.

Demeaux's Gate

Here the wilder airs mingle with the airs of the near reaches. Demeaux's Gate, named for a navigator lost above. How did his bones come below?

Shepherd's Wash

Shepherd's Wash, the salty hinterland of London, home to hermits, nuns and shadowy business.

The Promised Sea

The Promised Sea. All through this place, the song of the Drownies lies shivering-sweet along the wind.

The Carnelian Coast

The Carnelian Coast. Far to the South, the Neath-roof glimmers above the Mountain of Light.


Frostfound, vast and chilly. A fortress sieged by questions, answers, and riddles.

The dark Unterzee

The world is webbed with invisible lines. You've crossed one. Tighten them, and it would split like a fruit.

No landlubber would notice the change. But you feel the air prickle on your skin. Somewhere new.

Here the slate-black sea is like rippled glass, spiked with light from the roof.

Corsair's Forest

Stalagmites loom in the distance like the cranes of Wolfstack Docks, but vaster, vaster. The Corsair's Forest. Our lookouts are watchful.

The Snares

Creeping tendrils of fungus, zee-weed, unnamable flora. We enter the Snares.

The dark Unterzee

Something forgotten is here.

Spined towers rear in the light of the false-stars. Ware reefs.

The wind carries the echo of distant chants. Long-dead priests still count the hours in this place.

A sudden fog of spores! Zailors sneeze. The sound echoes flatly in the soupy air.

The zee here is warm. Bubbles rise and burst with lazy menace. The fire in the earth is restless.

Crying Heights


The Crying Heights, where the Blue Prophets call the names of those about to die.

Void's Approach

This must be Void's Approach. The air crackles with frosty radiations. To the North, the false-stars fail in the darkness.

Sea of Voices

'We hear those voices that will not be drowned.' This is the Sea of Voices, where nothing is truly dead.

Sea of Lilies

We watch for fungal-pads in the Sea of Lilies. There is a prison here, guarded by knot-oracles...

Principles of Coral

The Principles of Coral. The corpse-rainbow glow from beneath the waves echoes the false-stars above.


The water is sluggish with hyphal threads. Violet vegetable bulks break the surface. Myceligaea!

Adam's Cape

A carmine tint to the waves. We're approaching Adam's Way, 'where flows the Mountain's blood'.


We enter the Stormbones. St Eligius sends his fire to dance on the air, on deck. Very far away we see the great light of the Ragged Crow.


Scuttering and chittering in the corners of the hold. Humped shapes on the deck rail. Rattsey air emboldens vermin.

Salt Steppes

The Salt Steppes. This is the domain of the New Khanate, whose ancestors came here long before London fell...

Stamford's Expanse

The false-stars above are feral amber, like tigers' eyes. Stamford's Expanse, named for one who lost his child to cats.

Sea of Autumn

The mists of the Sea of Autumn get into the eyes, the heart. It is not unusual to find yourself in unsuspected tears.

Southern Wall

A buttery bloom of light on the southern horizon! You approach Varchas, the Mirrored City.

Pillared Sea

Strange puffs of warmth from the air behind the ice. This is the Pillared Sea, where Irem will lie. Lies. Has always lain.

The Empire of Hands

We approach the Empire of Hands. Let us clasp our souls tight, lest the Pentacost Apes take them from us.

The Calumnies

And now we enter the Calumnies. There is a wild and glorious scent in the air. A kind of light. Why do zailors fear this place?

The Chelonate

Another zee-beast corpse afloat. So much carrion. We approach the Chelonate.

Gossamer Way

A floating strand of web caresses your face. The air hints at spiders.

Sea of Statues

We have entered the Sea of Statues. Giants gape at us. Kingeater's Castle rises ahead, where fools give up their future.

Behind the scenes[]

Map Generation[]

The placement of map tiles is not completely randomized. The tiles making up the western and southern coastlines are always in the same position, as is the tile in the northeast corner.

Even then, the tiles that can be rearranged can't be just anywhere. The map is broken up into regions, with various tiles restricted to each region. For example, the northern edge of the map - not including the corners - will always be made up of Void's Approach, Palmerston's Reach, Stormbones, and Frostfound, but they can be in any order. This map shows the different regions; within each one (other than the western and southern edges) tiles will be randomly placed.

In addition, many tiles have more than one configuration, allowing for variations in island position, light buoys, and spawn layouts. Different tile layouts will always preserve the same ports and landmarks. The only exceptions are the two nameless tiles, which can vary dramatically.

Although the map layout does not seem to change dramatically, there are 6 billion possible arrangements of the map tiles, not including variations of each tile. If all 36 tiles could be rearranged anywhere on the map, there would be 372 duodecillion possible map layouts.

List of Regions[]

The uncolored areas are all fixed points in the Unterzee. They will always be there. Each colored zone's tiles will only swap with each other.

Near Home Waters[]
  • Corsair's Forest
  • Demaux's Gate
  • Shepherd's Wash
  • Salt Lions
  • The Snares
  • one nameless tile
The Frozen North[]
  • Void's Approach
  • Palmerston's Reach
  • Stormbones
  • Frostfound
The Distant East[]
  • The Calumnies
  • The Empire of Hands
  • The Chelonate
  • Gossamer Way
The North-East[]
  • Principles of Coral
  • Sea of Lilies
  • Salt Steppes
  • Rattsey
  • Sea of Voices
The South-East[]
  • Sea of Autumn
  • Myceligaea
  • Stamford's Expanse
  • The Promised Sea
  • one nameless tile
Pillared Sea[]
  • Pillared Sea

Revealing the map with TexMod[]

It is possible to remove the mask temporarily by using a third party program called TexMod. To do so:

  • Download TexMod (newer versions of the software may work, but this version is confirmed as perfectly suited for the purpose).
  • Run Sunless Sea through the program, in logging mode. Ensure that replace texture is marked.
  • Open the chart.
  • Press * to filter drawn textures (i.e. what is seen on the screen).
  • Use + and - to navigate through the textures, until the shroud on the map disappeared and is replaced with a green tint.

How does this work? TexMod allows you to browse textures loaded into memory and will dynamically replace the texture viewed with a solid green one. The shroud is applied to the map as a mask layer and when it is selected, the solid black texture is replaced with a translucent green one. This allows you to view the entire map. In order to identify locations, compare them with the location shapes in our articles.

Original map[]

A map of all locations in Sunless Sea. Some locations are actually not fully implemented, although they show up on the map. There is also an HD-Version [1] available.

A table version of the original, early-development map layout. Several regions have been moved since this original layout was conceived, and some tiles on this map are in locations where they will never appear in current versions of the game. The Deconstruction and The Sea of Wings have also been replaced by generic nameless and portless tiles. However, the list of ports for each tile, not including light-ships, is accurate.

The Unterzee Map
Boreal Reach Void's Approach Palmerston's Reach Stormbones Frostfound Pillared Sea


Tomb Colonies Demeaux's Gate Principles of Coral Myceligaea The Chelonate The Deconstruction

Southern Archipelago Shepherd's Wash Corsair's Forest Stonesoul Isles Sea of Lilies Gossamer Way

Cumaean Canal Sea of Voices The Snares Salt Steppes The Empire of Hands The Calumnies

Iron Republic Rattsey Sea of Autumn Stamford's Expanse The Promised Sea Sea of Wings

Dawn's Edge The Carnelian Coast Crying Heights Adam's Cape Southern Wall Sea of Statues


Kickstarter Map[]

FailBetter games also shipped a limited amount of Unterzee maps for kickstarter backers.

a high quality matt-laminated A2 poster featuring a map of the Unterzee.