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Maybe's Rival
Maybe's Rival
Position Chief Engineer

SS veilssmall.png +7 x Veils
SS ironsmall.png +6 x Iron
+150 x Engine Power

Data ID 148782

Maybe's Rival is a potential Chief Engineer crew member.

Character description[]

"There is a pantherine glint in her eye now."


Maybe's Daughter will become Maybe's Rival if she successfully passes through Pentstock's Wicket in A Visit to the Bazaar.


Speak to Maybe's Rival[]

Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Increase your Veils

She'll tell you her secrets if you her yours.

Complex knowledge

She's serious once she gets talking. There's hard edges under the bluff and banter.

Game note: Spend a Secret to improve your Veils, if it is no higher than 100.
Proposition Maybe's Rival

"I've been wondering when you'd ask. I think it'll be different now. Since the Bazaar. Want to help me find out?"
Game note: She has no interest in tediously sincere lovers. Ensure your Veils is at least twenty points higher than your Hearts.

Something new

The Rival's hands are cool. Her mouth is hot. The scent of her skin, her hair, is intoxicating. In seconds, you are lost. What is happening here? She draws you, smiling, down. There is an interval of blank delight, shot through with pulses of wracking pleasure.

"Well," she says, as you recover. "I imagine we'll do that again. I'll see you later." She blows you a kiss and, grinning, departs.
Game note: Opportunities for other trysts will occur while you're at sea, substantially reducing Terror. However, if you have a lover in port, they might find out.

Answer questions about your past

You've kept your secrets long enough.

Triggers event: SS maskgaz.png Revealing your Past

Game note: Unmask yourself! This will allow you to select a Past, Ambition, and form of preferred address - also providing you with a specialist ability bonus.


Obtaining Maybe's Rival (and other options with Maybe's Daughter)

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