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Memoirs: Beginner's Luck
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Category Curiosity
Type Plot
Data ID 115051

Memoirs: Beginner's Luck is considered a Memoirs Quality in Sunless Sea.

Item description[]

"You found something valuable!"

Game note: Once per game, something pleasant will happen


Memoirs: Beginner's Luck can be obtained at Avid Horizon, Irem, Abbey Rock, the Isle of Cats, or The Uttershroom if you do not already possess it.


Memoirs: Beginner's Luck functions as a marker signaling that the player has already received their guaranteed, once-per-captain "something pleasant". Taking the 'Search the Surroundings' option at one of the ports listed above will get you a bundle of miscellaneous goods and 1x Beginner's Luck, which will lock the option off at the other ports.


Arguably, the best place to use Memoirs: Beginner's Luck is at the Avid Horizon. After accepting the The First Curator commission, you can acquire the Eyeless Skull quite early, giving you a much needed Captivating Treasure. In addition, you can acquire a Hunter's Eye at the same location, giving you an additional Captivating Treasure, making a trip to the Avid Horizon early quite profitable. In addition, it will give you an Empty Mirrorcatch Box which might be difficult to get in the very early game, and will help you complete the first step in the Tireless Mechanic's story. The worst place is Port Cavendish at the Isle of Cats, as you can acquire all of the same benefits plus more at other locations. A close second is Irem, as a Searing Enigma is required for a number of objectives, and still sells for 1000 echos at The University, but without aggressive early exploration, it might come too late in the game.


Interactions in Brief[]

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Interaction Action Result Type Change
Irem 'The Riddle of Stones' Quality Required ≤ 0
Irem 'The Riddle of Stones' DefaultEvent +1
Abbey Rock 'Search the surroundings' Quality Required ≤ 0
Abbey Rock 'Search the surroundings' DefaultEvent +1
Abbey Rock 'Search the surroundings' RareDefaultEvent +1
Avid Horizon 'Explore along the shoreline' Quality Required ≤ 0
Avid Horizon 'Explore along the shoreline' DefaultEvent +1
Avid Horizon 'Explore along the shoreline' RareDefaultEvent +1
The Uttershroom 'Search the shroom-top' Quality Required ≤ 0
The Uttershroom 'Search the shroom-top' DefaultEvent +1
The Uttershroom 'Search the shroom-top' RareDefaultEvent +1
Port Cavendish 'A Gift of Glass' Quality Required ≤ 0
Port Cavendish 'A Gift of Glass' DefaultEvent +1

Interactions in Detail[]

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Story Action Required Effect
Irem The Riddle of Stones Default:

Abbey Rock Search the surroundings
    Memoirs: Beginner's Luck ≤ 0

Default: Rare:

Avid Horizon Explore along the shoreline
    Memoirs: Beginner's Luck ≤ 0

Default: Rare:

The Uttershroom Search the shroom-top
    Memoirs: Beginner's Luck ≤ 0

Default: Rare:

Port Cavendish A Gift of Glass
    Memoirs: Beginner's Luck ≤ 0


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