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Memoirs: Glory's Bones
SS harpoonsmall.png
Category Quality
Type Memoirs
Linked to SS Locations The Chelonate.png The Chelonate
Data ID 118968

Memoirs: Glory's Bones is considered a Memoirs Quality in Sunless Sea.

Linked to[]

It is linked to The Scrimshaw Chronicler in SS Locations The Chelonate.png The Chelonate SS Locations Irem.png Irem and SS forestnightsmall.png Another Day: Where The Wood Was

Quality description[]

Glory's Bones: The Scrimshaw Chronicler has asked you to seek the tale of the Glory's death "on history's beach."

How did the Glory meet its end? The Scrimshaw Chronicler told you that the tale can be found on history's beach.


Speak with SS passerbygaz.png The Scrimshaw Chronicler at SS Locations The Chelonate.png The Chelonate and bring him SS toothsmall.png 1x Hunting-Trophy, SS wavesmall.png 1x Zee-ztory and SS suppliessmall.png 1x Supplies. Supplying the Scrimshaw Chronicler with the necessary items will direct the player to SS irem portgaz.png Irem to start the subquest SS forestnightsmall.png Another Day: Where the Wood Was before they can continue Memoirs: Glory's Bones.

Quality status[]

Memoirs: Glory's Bones

    • [1] Seek the Glory's story
    • [2] You know how the Glory died!
    • [3] You told the Chronicler how the Glory died!
    • [4] The Chronicler left the Chelonate with you, forever!
    • [5] You invented a tale of the Glory's death!
    • [6] You lied to the Chronicler... and he will not forget it. Your association is over!
    Note: These quest stages don't actually have visible numerical values in game.

Another Day: Where the Wood Was

  • [1-6] You are learning the Waswood's silent paths.
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