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Menaces: Suspicion
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Category Quality
Type Menaces
Data ID 111111

Menaces: Suspicion is considered a Menaces Quality in Sunless Sea.

Linked to[]

It is linked to your illegal activities in the Unterzee.

Quality description[]

"Oh, you rapscallion. "

Game note: This will increase as you conduct criminal activities or have contact with rough sorts. The higher your suspicion, the more fiercely the Excise will search your ship.


This quality is gained by accepting the gift from the SS pirategaz.png Blind Bruiser in SS fallenlondon portgaz.png Fallen London. It can also be gained if the Excise finds anything illegal on your ship.

Simply buying a Firkin of Red Honey will increase Menaces: Suspicion.

Returning 0 or 1 Tomb-Colonists on the Last Tour in Venderbight will increase this by one.

Entering the Isle of Cats and doing the "A Piratical Welcome" event will increase this by one.


Location Event Interaction Requirements Effects
Fallen London The Revenue Men 'Declare all controlled goods' or 'Let them do their worst'
Fallen London The Revenue Men 'Set something aside'
Fallen London An Inspection by the Ministry of Public Decency 'Nothing to Hide'
Fallen London London in Glory 'Listen to the Song'

Quality status[]

Menaces: Suspicion does not have a status description.

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