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Menaces: Yearning, Burning
SS bazaarsunsmall.png
Category Quality
Type Menaces
Data ID 117204

Menaces: Yearning, Burning is a Menaces Quality in Sunless Sea.

Linked to[]

It is linked to performing sunlight-related activities, primarily the smuggling of SS boxwhitesmall.png Sunlight-Filled Mirrorcatch Boxes, as it increases every time you fill a box at Avernus on the Surface or at Aestival.

Quality description[]

If this quality rises too high, a series of random events will start happening, causing you to start opening Mirrorcatch Boxes uncontrollably, getting a Wound every time and increasing this quality even further. If you don't stop the chain reaction quickly by getting rid of all the boxes (either by selling them or throwing them overboard using the button in the Hold tab of the Gazetteer), you will die.


You obtain SS bazaarsunsmall.png +4 to +7 x Menaces: Yearning, Burning by filling Empty Mirrorcatch Boxes, either at Aestival or on the surface at Avernus, and SS bazaarsunsmall.png +1 x Menaces: Yearning, Burning on traveling to the surface. It also increases with some Dawn Machine-related actions at the SS grandgeode portsmall.png Grand Geode.


You lose SS bazaarsunsmall.png -2 to -3 x Menaces: Yearning, Burning by resting at Your Lodgings in Fallen London. The quality of lodgings does not affect the amount. You also lose all Menaces: Yearning, Burning by volunteering for surgery with the Cladery Heir.

Quality status[]

Menaces: Yearning, Burning has different statuses according to your actions, defined by the number in front of the quality.

Journal description[]

  • [1] The light has touched you lightly
  • [50] The light compels
  • [100] When you close your eyes, you see the light. There is something in the North
  • [200] Your time is over. Rise and give yourself to the Sun

Interaction description[]

  • [1] The light: it's pretty.
  • [10] The light: it's like nothing else in the Neath.
  • [20] The light is a wonder.
  • [30] The light is a glory.
  • [40] The light fascinates.
  • [50] The light compels.
  • [60] The light draws you, constantly.
  • [70] The light is a secret electricity in your blood.
  • [80] The memory of the light is always with you.
  • [90] The memory of the light is always with you. Go on. Open a box.
  • [100] When you close your eyes, you see the light.
  • [110] When you close your eyes, you see shapes in the light. Towers?
  • [120] Whenever you close your eyes, you see the shining towers rise. The Name burns within.
  • [130] The towers rise, the name burns. The Sun speaks your name.
  • [140] The towers rise, the name burns. The Sun speaks your name above. But what lies in the East?
  • [150] The East draws you, but so does the Sun, high above. A choice: one dissolution or another.
  • [160] The towers rise, the name burns. Forget it. Rise to the Sun.
  • [170] The Sun growls in your dreams like a pent river. Be glad.
  • [180] You will rise to the Sun and be lost.
  • [190] You will rise to the Sun and be lost. Soon, O God, soon.
  • [200] Enough of this darkness. Go to the sun. Give yourself like a spark to smoke.
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