Sunless Sea Wiki
"We sighted Mt Nomad again today, still afloat but listing, her dark glass flanks scored and pitted from the cannon-fire in our previous encounter. This will be the last battle. This monster has harrowed the seas too long."

You'll meet pirates, monsters, ill-tempered customs officers, many of them interchangeable. But some of your enemies will flee from you, to change and grow as part of a larger arc until you can finally hunt them down. Perhaps they'll become your obsession: perhaps you'll risk everything to end them.

List of monsters[]


Portrait Name Statistics Notes
SS Monsters Auroral Megalops.png
Auroral Megalops
  • Health: 20
These are the younger form of gargantuan zee-crabs, driven up from their spawning grounds in the south by peculiar radiations. Younger they may be, but they are still large enough to consume a pony with messy and clattering glee, or to pose a menace to ill-prepared ships.
SS Monsters Albino Moray.png
Albino Moray
  • Health: 210
Albino Moray is an uncommon mid-level encounter found in the north of Demeaux's Reach as well as near Port Cecil.
SS Monsters Angler Crab.png
Angler Crab
  • Health: 150 (Western)
  • Health: 300 (Eastern)
  • Health: 600 (Elder)
These are the adult form of gargantuan zee-crabs. They are named for their two large, luminescent illiciae reminiscent of anglerfish, but their function is unknown.
SS Monsters Bat Swarm.png
Bat Swarm
  • Health: 20
The Neath is the home of these blood sucking creatures that won't hesitate to attack you. Their fast attack speed and long detection range make combating them difficult.
  • Health: 210
These fierce, but dapper, fish stalk the waters near the southern coast.
SS Monsters Beloved.png
  • Health: 180
SS Monsters Blue Prophets.png
Blue Prophets
  • Health: 500
Found near Port Carnelian and the Crying Heights.
SS Monsters Boundling.png
  • Health: 220
Dissecting it for knowledge can repair your Hull slightly.
SS Monsters Bound Shark.png
Bound Shark
  • Health: 140 (Bound Shark)
  • Health: 210 (Particularly Tormented BS)
Collecting Observations gains Terror in addition to Fragment. Dissecting it for knowledge can repair your Hull slightly.
SS Monsters Constant Companion.png
Constant Companion
  • Health: 700
Underwater giant spider that appears if you dive with Terror > 65.
SS Monsters Dawn Fluke.png
Dawn Fluke
  • Health: 500
Only found on the Unterzee floor, near the Dawn Machine.
  • Health: 50
A ubiquitous creature whose death throes are reminiscent of the face on Visage. It dives very often and is very fast.
SS jillyfishgaz.png
  • Health: 400
SS Monsters Lifeberg.png
  • Health: 400
Though powerful, this resident of the northwestern waters cannot dive and is very slow.
SS fluke topgaz.png
  • Health: 600 (Lorn-Fluke)
  • Health: 750 (Savage Lorn-Fluke)
A zee-beast capable of using ranged, Terror-inflicting attacks. It can be found near The Fathomking's Hold, The Chelonate, Aestival, and the Empire of Hands.
SS Monsters Lornest-Fluke.png
  • Health: 350
A zee-beast capable of using ranged, Terror-inflicting attacks.
Milliner Bats map.png
Milliner Bats
  • Health: 460
Fights similarly to Blue Prophets. Found near Varchas.
SS Monsters Mt Nomad.png
Mt Nomad
  • Health: 1000
A living mountain that attacks enemies with Terror as well as damage. Lurks near the Chapel of Lights.
SS Monsters Neither.png
  • Health: 200
SS thalattegaz.png
  • Health: 420
Tree Of Ages.png
Tree of Ages
  • Health: 900
Event boss and extreme rare spawn near Saviour's Rocks killing it award The Tree of Ages Uprooted.
SS Monsters Triskelegant.png
  • Health: 260
SS Monsters Terror Moth.png
Tyrant Moth
  • Health: 500
Found near the Ragged Crow lighthouse and in Gossamer Way.

Enemy Ships[]

Portrait Name Statistics Notes
SS Monsters Pirate Steam-Pinnace.png
Alcaeus-class Corvette
  • Hull: 180
  • Crew: 16
Occasionally found near Nuncio and Demeaux Island. Has the same in-game graphic as the weaker Steam-Pinnance. The Alcaeus-class is extremely agile and employs multiple weapons including flares.
SS unfinishedundergalleygaz.png
Corsair Undergalley
  • Hull: 30
  • Crew: 5
SS Monsters Pirate Steam-Pinnace.png
Crack Pirate Steam-Pinnace
  • Hull: 80
  • Crew: 8
Fires faster and is tougher than the normal Pirate Steam-Pinnace.
SS eaterofnamesgaz.png
Eater of Names
  • Hull: 700
  • Crew: 77
Close to The Gant Pole
SS Faustic Corsair Small.png
Faustic Corsair
  • Hull: 300
  • Crew: 30
Found patrolling near Mount Palmerston.
SS dreadnaughtglorious topgaz.png
Glorious Dreadnought
  • Hull: 500
  • Crew: 50
Found near Adam's Way and the Kingeater's Castle.
SS frigateglorious topgaz.png
Glorious Frigate
  • Hull: 300
  • Crew: 30
Found near the Dawn Machine and Grand Geode.
The Irrepressible
  • Hull: 400
  • Crew: 50
Found near the Gant Pole (Unter-Unterzee).
SS Monsters Khanatezub.png
Khanate Zubmarine
  • Hull: 300
  • Crew: 40
SS Monsters War Trimaran.png
Khanate War Trimaran
  • Hull: 210
  • Crew: 20
These warships can be found patrolling the Khanate territories.
SS Monsters Pirate Frigate.png
Pirate Frigate
  • Hull: 90
  • Crew: 10
These are stronger than Crack Pirate Steam-Pinnaces and Pirate Steam-Pinnaces, but is significantly weaker than Glorious Frigates.
SS Monsters Pirate Steam-Pinnace.png
Pirate Steam-Pinnace These early game pirates will test your skills as a zee captain. Prove them wrong. Crack Pirate Steam-Pinnace is their tougher counterpart.
SS Monsters Putterpony.png
  • Hull: 120
  • Crew: 8
Rat-Barge These patrol the waters of Rattsey, around Nuncio.
SS dreadnaughtimperial topgaz.png
Republican Dreadnought
  • Hull: 400
  • Crew: 40
South of the Iron Republic and around the Elder Continent. Very high firepower and wide angle of fire - can hit you when you're behind it.
SS unfinished piratesgaz.png
Unfinished Pirates
  • Hull: 160
  • Crew: 15
Unfinished Men pirates are commonly found near Polythreme and sometimes also near the Cumaean Canal.
SS unfinished piratesgaz.png
Unfinished Revolutionaries
  • Hull: 210
  • Crew: 20
Found near the Iron Republic. Substantially tougher than the normal Unfinished Pirates.
SS Monsters Wreckship.png
  • Hull: 360
  • Crew: 25
Wreckships are commonly hiding on the zee-floor near Wrack.

Neutral Ships[]

Rarely, you may encounter ships that aren't particularly hostile towards you. These ships can be attacked and sunken for loot, which is considered piracy. Sinking a neutral ship will net you a Cache of Curiosities. Neutral ships appear in the form of blue Tramp Steamers; reskins of the Ligeia-Class Steamer, and will have unique names (Among observed names are "Salamander" and "Tigerish"). Neutral ships will be set to reach a certain port, and once within proximity of the docks, will despawn, because they do not have a proper animation for docking.These ships are currently very buggy, and may disappear if provoked. If attacked, a Tramp Steamer will retaliate, but they are otherwise unresponsive to the player or other monsters/ships.