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Monumental Ruins
SS ruins1gaz.png
Category Random Event
Type Explore
Linked to SS Locations Venderbight.png Venderbight
Data ID 149035

Monumental Ruins is a Sunless Sea Explore Random Event.

Trigger conditions[]

Monumental Ruins can be triggered in SS Locations Venderbight.png Venderbight by doing the following:

Location Requirements

Event description[]

"The builders of this place worked with great slabs of Neath-wall stone, carved with blank-eyed, unsmiling faces and blocky, stoic serpents."


Actions Requirements Effects

Creepers climb the shattered pyramid. An owl blinks at you from an idol's mouth. In the undergrowth, a cave-lizard munches decorously on a white cricket. This place seems peaceful. Rest a while.

Wine and sea-bread

You and your comrades find stones to perch on, and munch laverbread, truffles and herring. Someone passes a bottle of Greyfields: an adequate vintage. White crickets buzz in the weeds. A shiver of wind passes, and then the air is still, with that absence of chill that passes for warmth down here. Two zailors compare tattoos. Your head swims pleasantly with the wine.

Rare event (20%)
Unwanted guests

A Complacent Stoker sits on a comfortable-looking stone. It rolls over, tipping him into an unseen pit of sorrow-spiders, who swarm him over, pump him full of venom and fight over his eyes. By the time you've recovered his body for burial, the peace of the afternoon is quite soured.

Search warily

The Neath is rarely gentle. Treat this place as enemy territory.

Failed event
Only shadows

This place was deserted long ago. You find traces of gilt on a shattered altar; remnants of vermilion paint on a rotting ritual mask. Nothing else.

Rare failed event (20%)
A bad end

An incautious zailor trips over a stone and drops into an unseen pit of sorrow-spiders. They swarm him over, pump him full of venom and fight over his eyes. By the time you've recovered his body for burial, the other zailors are eager to return to the ship...

Successful event
A treasure!

You're not the first to come here. Someone's left a long oak casket under a carpet of creepers.

Rare successful event (55%)
Ancient stones

You can just about interpret these glyphs. They speak of a god who 'lives in the roof' - a 'walking dream of storm', a 'memory of rage'. The god, the glyphs claim, destroyed this temple.

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