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Mouths to Feed
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Category Story Event
Type Story
Data ID 147224

Mouths to Feed is a Sunless Sea Story Event.

Story description[]

Game note: Your crew needs provisions. You can all tighten your belts, but bad things will begin to happen. This card will remain available as long as Hunger is over 50. Don't let Hunger reach 100.

Trigger conditions[]

Mouths to Feed appears when SS hunger2small.png Hunger > 50. Typically, this indicates that you have run out of Supplies. However, it is also possible to exceed 50 Hunger if an interaction increases your Hunger over the feeding mark, since time-based actions like automatic meals do not take place when the Gazetteer is open.


Actions Requirements Effects Notes

You will not draw lots. You will pick one by hand.

Appetites satisfied

You and your cannibal acolytes have selected your next victim. Behind closed doors, you wait, watch, and strike. You are merciful: your knives are sharp. The rest of the crew will benefit from a nourishing, anonymous stew. Perhaps they know nothing: perhaps they don't want to know.

Game note: This option is only available to those who have already turned cannibal.

Drink Zzoup

The taste is acquired, rather than popular. But no one is likely to be fussy just now.

A soupcon of superstition

"Tastes like sulphur," growls the engineer's mate. But he tucks in with the rest.

Consume a Strange Catch

It doesn't look appetising, or even safe, but perhaps it's worth the risk...

Failed event
Unfit for human consumption

A volunteer takes a cautious nibble. "It tastes good," she says. "Rather salmony." She takes a larger bite. "Something like, erk, yark, gork, fruh." By "fruh" she is stone dead on the deck, her face a peculiar mauve. You dispose safely of the rest of the catch.

Successful event
Adventures in marine cuisine

The Cook converts it to a sort of minimalist bouillabaisse. It's salty and peculiar, but it does something for your crew's hunger...

Consume a Live Specimen

It's not attractive, but at least it's fresh.

Failed event
An escape!

As the Cook bears it to the pot, it displays unexpected agility! It escapes, flops frantically across the galley, and is gone through the open port-hole before Cook can reclaim it.

Successful event
Noble service

The Live Specimen's end is sadly unceremonious. It's come so far, only to be consumed: but now it gives noble service. Cook knocks it on the head with a fisherman's priest and pops it in the pan. The taste is a little ammoniac, but no one complains. Or dies.

Bandaged Poissonnier

Ask the Bandaged Poissonnier to render a Strange Catch edible.

Failed event
"Alas - "

He returns a sad shake of his bandaged head. "Even I, with all my powers, cannot make this safe. Not here. Had I all my knives and vessels of home, perhaps. I have done my best with it, to no avail. But listen. This is what I found nested in its brain-pipe - "

Successful event
A particular success!

The Poissonnier labours mightily to render the Strange Catch appetising. He succeeds, although with his usual effect: every third mouthful, you wonder whether you enjoy the flavour at all. But, yes, surely. It is spicy and salty and filling. Although, that lurking under-flavour -

Bandaged Chef-Paramount

Ask him to render a Strange Catch edible.

Failed event
"Alas - "

"It cannot be done. I have distilled, I have fermented, I have rarefied, I have sublimated, I have toasted. Every part of this creature - down to its last atom - tastes like the bosun's socks." He holds up a bandaged hand. "Do not ask me how I know. There is nothing I will not do in pursuit of culinary exploration."

Successful event
A particular success!

His braising-alembic rattles. His athanor-stove roars! He emerges from the galley with a bubbling pot. The crew cheers. As ever, the meal is both delightful and terrifying. Your tongue fizzes. Your eyes water. Your stomach panics, but surrenders hastily.

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