Sunless Sea Wiki
Mt Nomad
Type Monster
Stats Health: 1000
Location Avid Horizon

Chapel of Lights (both in "Void's Approach" map tile)

Mt. Nomad is found near Avid Horizon. It is a large purple mountain, somewhat similar in appearance to a Lifeberg. It has 1000 health, the highest known in the game.


Mt Nomad is the niece of The Fathomking. He will pronounce Salt's Curse on you if you bring him her heart.

Lifebergs, when killed, are found to contain shards of black glass reminiscent of Mt Nomad.


Ramming attack that does 80 damage to Hull.

Ranged attack that inflicts 45 damage to Hull and +10 Terror.

Game Data[]

Note, these are literal values taken from game file. Auroral Megalops included for reference.

  • MovementSpeed: 12 (Auroral Megalops: 16)
  • RotationSpeed: 0.7 (Auroral Megalops: 1)
  • Attacks:
    • NomadRam (Range 160, Base Hull Damage 80, Warmup 10, Stagger Amount 6)
    • NomadTalk (Range 250, Base Hull Damage 40, Warmup 10, Base Terror 10)

Fighting The Beastie[]

Mt. Nomad is an incredibly difficult challenge, one that is close to impossible to accomplish in the starter ship (Ligeia-class Steamer). Ships with higher Hull and both Deck and Forward weapon slots are recommended, such as the Corvette, Frigate, and Dreadnought; maintain distance as much as possible so it can't ram you.

For a relatively straightforward fight, you need high Iron (100+) and Mirrors (70+) as well as weapons with base damage of 18 and up. Being hit with a Forward weapon with a Stagger value will slow down its attack on you. Having A Lump of Blue Scintillack is highly helpful as well, as it will greatly increase your rate of attack via its special ability to instantly fill your firing solutions (the blue scintillack itself requires a 20 second charge).


Once defeated Mt. Nomad is not truly dead, it merely retreats underwater for a few minutes to recover, when you go to loot the corpse you are given the options to run or attempt to gather some loot, which requires a Veils challenge, if you succeed you will gain 1 Iron as well as 1 Captivating Treasure (You can get Mt Nomad's Heart too!), failure does not exclude you from the haul (barring the Iron gain if it's already 150 or more), but will cost you some crew to collect the prize.


A shattered cliff[]

A ship cannot destroy a mountain. All you have won is life and time while it sinks and heals. But for now, Mt Nomad is silent. And here - the wreck of another, half-consumed ship slides from within. Quickly!

Actions Requirements Effects Notes

No more chances. You have your life, and your ship.

Into the dark

Mt Nomad sinks, groaning. There is a great rush of water.

    SS ironsmall.png +1 x Iron (if ≤ 150)

A desperate excursion

Just a few minutes -

    SS veilssmall.png Veils challenge (84 for 100%)

Failed event

A great rush of foaming water

The mountain collapses inwards! ...and not everyone gets clear. But your hands are filled with bright treasure.

Successful event
A great rush of foaming water

The mountain collapses inwards! ...but you scramble from the wreck of that other ship, your hands filled with bright treasure.