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Nacreous Survivor
Nacreous Survivor
Position Cook

SS heartssmall.png +8 x Hearts
SS pensmall.png +4 x Pages
SS mirrorssmall.png +4 x Mirrors

Nacreous Survivor is a potential Cook crew member.

Character description[]

"Pearly light still drips from its mantle-crest. But it has survived the Principles... and won something in the process."


The Nacreous Survivor can be obtained by following the Pulse of the Principles storyline and taking the Lose the match action when Principality is At the end-game.

Alternatively, if you chose to win the match, you can purchase him back from the Fathomking at the extreme cost of:
SS flukecoresmall.png 1 x Colossal Fluke-Core, SS enigmasmall.png 1 x Searing Enigma, SS diamondsmall.png 7 x Captivating Treasure, SS scintillacksmall.png 7 x Scintillack

Note: If you wish to revive the Nacreous Survivor later, it is critical that you have dinner with him before finishing the Pulse of the Principles quest


Interaction Requirements Effects Notes
Increase your Hearts

Share an interesting truth of your own, and your officer may impress you.


"Flif your hanf on the ftool. Farphaf! Ophen your eyess."

The Outcast has gnostic secrets of profound culinary import to impart. Even its lesser revelations are enough to touch your dreams with the dread of drowning. Perhaps fortunately, it gets so excited when it talks about the greater revelations that you don't have any idea what the hell it's on about.

Game note: Spend a Secret to improve your Hearts, unless it's higher than 150.
Invite it to dine with you

You'll need a suitable morsel.

A jubilant dinner

The Survivor still struggles with human language, but its shyness, for now, is gone. It gestures widely with the fork (not long ago, it was embarrassed to pick up a fork). It speaks of its plans to visit Flute Street below London, where its relatives dwell: to bring them gifts of knowledge which will erase its crimes.

It tells you stories of travel through the void on the vast-shelled black back of a messenger thing. It shares jokes from its spawn-world, Axile. None of the jokes make any sense, but they linger on the surfaces of your thought like graffiti scrawled in a language you knew when you were very young...

This interaction will not consume the Strange Catch. It is unclear whether this is a glitch or intended behavior.
Proposition the Nacreous Survivor

It bends its face. You've known it long enough to understand that this is an affectionate smile. Are you sure about this?

Glimmering intensities

Flesh meets membrane. Apertures pulse. The Survivor enfolds you like a tide. The narcotic pleasures of union engulf you! Again and again, you rise to impossible spasms of unknown emotion, until you subside into a pool of mingled exudate. "Sho... sho..." the Survivor pants, its glabrous flanks heaving.
Game note: For God's sake don't let anyone find out about this. Especially your crew. Especially any lover you might have in port.

Game note: The Survivor can only evince the proper responses in the presence of sufficient Scintillack.
Smile at your nacreous lover

Be discreet. Your crew would be horrified.


Game note: Opportunities for other trysts will occur while you're at sea - but not quite yet.

Other Interactions[]

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Story Action Required Effect
Kingeater's Castle Eat your crew Default:

A Tryst A Tryst with the Survivor Default:

The Pulse of the Principles Lose the match Default:

The Throne-Cyst "Give me back my Outcast." Default:

The Fathomking's Answer Introduce the Fathomking to your Nacreous Survivor Default:

Triggered Events[]

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Story Requirements Type Location
Overheard at Zee: An Interrogation

    Nacreous Survivor ≥ 1

Random Event (Sometimes :1%) Anywhere
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