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Naples (Gazetteer)
SS Locations Naples.png
Located in SS sunsetgaz.png The Surface
Ports No
Shops No
Shipyard No
Data ID 153894

Naples is a SS sunsetgaz.png Surface city that is accessible through the SS Locations Cumaean Canal Staging Area.png Cumaean Canal Staging Area.

Port description[]

"The sun beats down like rain. Occasionally, the rain beats down like rain."

Port interactions[]

SS Interactions In Naples.png In Naples[]

Port description[]

"Even by night, the Port of Naples is alive with shouts and laughter and work-songs, the roar of engines. Brick warehouses loom over the moon-dazzled bay. By day, you try to stay below decks. The sun hits like a hammer, and the wind always seems to come straight from the struggling sewers of the slums."


Actions Requirements Effects
Share news from below

You have stories of lost London.

Disbelief and fascination

A silent Empress in a shuttered palace. Robed merchant-princes in a spired Bazaar. Serpents hiding in mirrors. No one believes a word, but you get a lot of dinner invitations and a number of gifts. Your stories are serialised in the worst kind of magazine. A well-wisher sends you coal.

Purchase Supplies

Up here, food grows freely under the sky, and the taste of it will make a Neather weep.

All the fruits

Zailors lick their lips as the provisions come aboard. Warm rye bread, ripely blushing tomatoes, wheels of creamily irresistible cheese, cured hams that set the coxswain's nose twitching like a rabbit's. You'll eat well tonight.

Purchase Fuel

It's not so cheap, up here, far from Hell.

Spend time ashore

All the urges of the flesh may be satisfied here. And when that's done, perhaps your crew will find time to pray.

Hot nights and echoing cathedrals

Naples is hotter, louder, livelier, tastier, sandier, windier, foreigner than London. After a day, your crew adore the place. After a week, you imagine, they'll loathe it.

Buy a train ticket to Vienna

Parabola-linen crumbles in sunlight. The mushroom wines of the Neath are not kindly received in the wine-shops of Italy and France. Prisoner's honey loses all its virtue. But in the coffee-houses of Vienna, Darkdrop Coffee is the new sensation. It's not so very far by train. You could travel by night.

The rattle of the rails

Rome, Florence, Venice. The sleeping countryside curls around you under the night sky, so like and so unlike the Neath. At Udine things go wrong, and you cut through Slovenia. Vienna: the station alive with soot and shouting! The station-officials with their whistles and their official brass buttons.

Return to Avernus

It's time to go home. You cannot survive the sunlight forever.

Along the coast at evening

The bloody glory of a new sunset. Gulls crying above the foreland. The sirocco rising, smudging the smoke of your engines across a sky of dusty rose. Have you survived another day?

Carry cargoes around the Mediterranean

Your ship is designed for the calmer, deadlier waters of the Unterzee, but she's sea-worthy, just about. If you're lucky, you might turn a profit.

Failed event
Storms and desertions

A half-day out of Sicily, a squall drives you almost on to the rocks. You're not weather-wise, here above. Late fees eat up half your fee, and the roll-call is short. Did the missing zailors slip ashore, or did the sun wither them?

Successful event
Grain and olive oil

An interlude of noisy gulls and baking afternoons. It's restful after the terrors of the zee below, but your crew are troubled by the strangeness of it. Some go missing - perhaps they slip ashore, perhaps the sun withers them altogether.

Goodbye to the Scarred Sister?

She taps you timidly on the elbow. "You've been good to me. But here on the surface - I want to see my homeland. Will you pay my fare?"

A walk to the station

You see her to the train. The bo'sun carries her bag. The street is busy with travellers, families, beggars: the dust of the road rises up to make you cough, all three of you. Phoebe has been very quiet, but now, suddenly, she starts to speak.

"We have family in Greece. Or had. Long ago. My grandmothers kept the Mystery and watched the Judgements, up in the mountains above Corinth. When the Bazaar came to Earth, they saw an opportunity, and so they came below - " She shakes her head. "It didn't end well for us."

"I wish I could have told you more, only there's so little left of me now. I must have my last few secrets, or I'll just blow away on the wind. But... I want you to have this."

'This' is a slim volume entitled 'A Dream of Red'. A romantic novella? She kisses your cheek, shakes your hand, and she's gone.

Help Maybe's Daughter search for her mother

"She returns to the Surface, again and again. Parnassus, they say. Mongolia. But she always passes through here first."

Failed event

"But she's been here. She loves the Surface. (I don't. Perhaps it's because I was born in Parabola. Pretend I didn't say that.) I have a few more clues. We'll find her soon."

Successful event
Met by moonlight

"She was here last week, but - "

You follow the Daughter's stunned gaze. A woman in a lilac gown leans in the doorway of a draper's. Her features bear an unmistakable resemblance to your officer's. "We should talk," she says to the Daughter, quite calmly.

The Daughter assembles the rags of her composure with remarkable speed. "Excuse us," she says...

Sell your ship

If ill luck or mismanagement has left you with no fuel for your ship, and no means to buy more, this may be your only option.

Your journey is over

You disappear into the teeming slums of Naples. Perhaps you purchase a ticket below, and live out your life in London. Perhaps you're knifed for the price of a meal. Perhaps the Sun kills you: the citizens of Fallen London are terribly fragile, up here beneath the sky. In any case, you are a captain no longer.

    Lose the game!
The ship is empty

Where are you, all of you?

Scorched by the sun

Deserted or dead. Gone into the crowds. Slumped over the rail, your Neath-adapted life cindered by the true Sun. Drowned. Gone.

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