Objective: Venturer's Desire
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Category Circumstance
Linked to The Merchant Venturer
Data ID 113151

Objective: Venturer's Desire is considered a Circumstance in Sunless Sea.

Linked to

It is linked to The Merchant Venturer's interactions.

Circumstance description

"He wants..."


This story is gained by doing the Speak to the Merchant Venturer action in The Merchant Venturer event.

Circumstance status

The Objective: Venturer's Desire has different status according to your actions, defined by the comment in front of the story.

Journal description

  • [1] Find seven Strange Catches or seven Hunting Trophies
  • [2] Find seven Hunting Trophies or seven pieces of Scintillack
  • [3] Find seven pieces of Scintillack or seven volumes of Romantic Literature
  • [4] Find seven volumes of Romantic Literature or twenty-one bolts of Spider-Silk
  • [5] Find twenty-one bolts of Spider-Silk, or seven skins of Zzoup
  • [6] Find seven skins of Zzoup, or seven packages of Mutersalt
  • [7] Find seven packages of Mutersalt, or seven Devilbone Dice
  • [8] Find seven Devilbone Dice, or seven Outlandish Artefacts
  • [9] Find seven Outlandish Artefacts, or seven bales of Parabola-Linen
  • [10] Find seven bales of Parabola-Linen, or seven pieces of Stygian Ivory
  • [11] Find seven pieces of Stygian Ivory, or seven Caskets of Sapphires
  • [12] Find seven Caskets of Sapphires, or one Lorn-Fluke Core
  • [13] Find one Lorn-Fluke Core, or seven Lamentable Relics
  • [14] Find seven Lamentable Relics, or seven Sacks of Darkdrop Coffee

Interaction description

  • [1] The Venturer has a request... speak to him further, or check your Journal
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