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Pages, a Captain statistic, is the skill of trickery and knowledge. A higher Pages score allows Fragments to be converted to Secrets more quickly.


The number of Fragments required to obtain a Secret at any given point in a captain's run may be calculated by halving Pages, rounding down, and subtracting this result from 300. Thus, a brand-new, Legacy-free Poet captain would start out needing 275 Fragments per Secret, while any other brand-new captain would start out needing 288 Fragments per Secret. Because it's capped at 200, the minimum Fragments/Secret is also 200 (300-200/2).

Note that since you can turn 77 Fragments into a Secret in the Mangrove College, and because Fragments get quite scarce after you scout the whole map, the main effect of Pages gets virtually irrelevant in the endgame.

Also note that there's no easy way to farm Pages effectively (no easily repeatable event increasing it and no real Officer for this stat; the only consistent way is by repeatedly creating Monstrous Almanacs), its main effect is weak compared with other stats and it's not a very common stat for events; this effectively renders the stat a low-priority one. But despite this all Pages can help you gain Secrets quite easily by killing and dissecting Lorn-Flukes who drop directly three Secrets istead of Fragments on successful challenge.


Pages can change temporarily or permanently.


You can temporarily increase or decrease total Pages by having the following:


Name Effects
Bandaged Poissonnier
Carnelian Exile
Guinea Page
Lady in Lilac
Nacreous Survivor
Plausible Surgeon
Urbane Magician


Name Slot Effects
Monstrous Almanac


  • +7 x Pages
The Zong of the Zee


  • +10 x Pages


You can permanently increase or decrease base Pages with the following:



Item location Action name Effect Notes
Port Cecil Chess
  • +1 x Pages
Upon success
Irem The Riddle of Stones
  • +1 x Pages
Upon success
Your Study Create a Monstrous Almanac
  • +7 x Pages
Can be repeated if you sell the Monstrous Almanac in Venderbight
Iron Republic Compile a Port Report
  • -2 to +2 x Pages
While Iron Republic Days < 15, and there is a chance for Hearts instead of Pages being affected
The Forgotten Quarter Obtain an Eyeless Skull from a Forgetful Archaeologist Game note: The Skull is tainted with irrigo radiation, which will damage your primary abilities. Don't purchase it unless you're sure you want it.

Random events[]

Random event name Action name Effect Notes
The View from Above Prayer to the god called Salt
    SS pensmall.png +1 x Pages

Consumes The Gods of the Zee: Salt's Attention.

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