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Pigmote Isle: Progress Of A Nation
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Category Quality
Type Pigmote Isle
Linked to The Rise Of Pigmote Isle
Data ID 120961

Pigmote Isle: Progress Of A Nation is considered a Pigmote Isle Quality in Sunless Sea.

Linked to[]

It is linked to The Rise Of Pigmote Isle, a Sunless Sea port.

Quality description[]

"Time passes on the Neath's most adorable empire."


This quality is gained by completing the A Delegation event on Pigmote Isle. It can subsequently be increased during The Rise Of Pigmote Isle by performing certain actions, such as solving dilemmas via A Dilemma On Pigmote Isle story events. It can also be slightly incremented by propagating a Blemmigan to Pigmote Isle.

Quality status[]

Pigmote Isle: Progress Of A Nation has different statuses according to your actions, and unlike the Pigmote Isle: Civilization, Might, and Spirit qualities it does not have a visible numeric value. Rather, it has a text description that reflects progress towards the day other lands will turn their eyes to Pigmote Isle and seal the fate of the Rats and Cavies for the foreseeable future.

Journal description[]

  • [1] A new nation has been founded
  • [30] Pigmote must decide its fate
  • [31] Pigmote's fate has been decided
  • [40] Pigmote fights for independence
  • [99] Pigmote's dream is over
  • [999] Life continues on Pigmote Isle

Change Description[]

Visible only when its value changes as the result of an action

  • [1] A new nation has been founded.
  • [2] Time passes on Pigmote Isle.
  • [6] The eyes of the zee turn to Pigmote Isle.
  • [8] Great ships have been dispatched to Pigmote Isle.
  • [10] Pigmote Isle approaches a crossroads.
  • [30] Pigmote must decide its fate.
  • [31] Pigmote's fate has been decided.
  • [40] Pigmote's war for independence has begun.
  • [99] Pigmote lies in ruins.
  • [999] Life continues on Pigmote Isle.
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