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Plausible Surgeon
Plausible Surgeon
Position Surgeon

SS pensmall.png +1 x Pages
SS heartssmall.png +1 x Hearts
+1 x A Doctor Aboard

Data ID 107462

Plausible Surgeon is a potential Surgeon crew member.

Character description[]

“He probably won't saw the wrong limb off. Probably.”


The Plausible Surgeon can be obtained if you choose the A natural philosopher action in the SS jigsawgaz.png Who were you? event.

You cannot recruit this officer anywhere else in the game. Once you lose the Plausible Surgeon it will be forever.


Speak to the Plausible Surgeon[]

“Hello, my dear, my dear. Sit down carefully. Just let me tidy away these implements. We don't want any carelessness, do we?”

Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Increase your Pages

“Ohoho, we'd like to talk about secrets, would we? Secrets are my very favourite.”

Personal attention

He likes to sit very close when he speaks, the Plausible Surgeon. He speaks familiarly of diseases and hauntings, as if he knew their first names, but chose not to disclose them out of courtesy and discretion. This makes some of his advice confusing, but you do learn intriguing details.

Game note: Spending a Secret will improve your Pages, but no higher than 50.
Ask after his desires and ambitions

He's travelled much, seen all manner of wound and malady. But is there anything left for him to discover? Any place he wishes to go?

“The Chelonate!”

“You know it? They collect corpses.” He shifts in his seat. “Vast, noble, complicated corpses. What I could learn! What I could see!”

“My dearest Captain - if we ever find ourselves in the Chelonate, I do hope you might see fit to release me from our arrangement.”

Game note: The Chelonate can be found somewhere in the far East of the Unterzee.


Apart from giving the stat bonus and increasing your stats with secrets, you can also transport this officer to the required final destination. Doing so will exchange the officer for other items.

The final destination of the Plausible Surgeon is SS Locations The Chelonate.png The Chelonate. Go there and you will have the following action:

Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Allow the Plausible Surgeon to go ashore here

“Oh, my word. Look at these scars. Look at these stains. Release me from my contract, Captain, I beg you. I've saved up enough to compensate you.”

A pocketful of Echoes

The Surgeon is as good as his word. Hands trembling, he counts out the coins, and whispers a little secret he picked up back in London. He's vague about why he didn't mention it before.

He collects his knives and instruments, heads into the Shell, and is gone.