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Random Event, as the name suggests, is an event that can be triggered randomly during gameplay if certain criteria is met.

There are two types of Random Event:

  • Explore random event: When you perform a certain action in a port - usually a explore action - you trigger a random event, chosen randomly from a pool of events available to that port.
  • Zee random event: These can happen anytime while you are at zee if you meet the requirements for it to trigger.


Portrait Random Event Location Portrait Random Event Location
SS blemmigangaz.png
A Blemmigan Colony
SS masktannedgaz.png
A Buzzing Beggar
SS compassgaz.png
A Candle-Lit Shop
SS gowngreengaz.png
A castaway
SS glassgaz.png
A Concert
SS generic unterzee4gaz.png
A Contest of Riddles
SS Random Event A Contretemps with Corsairs.png
A Contretemps with Corsairs
SS disguise2gaz.png
A Glittering Eye
SS attackergaz.png
A Patriotic Dispute
SS pirateredgaz.png
A Privateer Encampment
SS sailorgaz.png
A Raggedy Fellow
SS wilmotsendgaz.png
A Serpent-Image
SS parabolanpanthergaz.png
A Shadowy Predator
SS sneakygaz.png
A Stranger in Difficulties
SS flamesgaz.png
An Intriguing Smell
SS wakegaz.png
An Oasis of Sorts
SS sunsetgaz.png
Auroral Rupture
SS fish bluegaz.png
SS flutestreetgaz.png
In Amber
SS ruins1gaz.png
Monumental Ruins
SS ratmaskedgaz.png
Rat Corsairs
SS heartgaz.png
The Carmine Chapel
SS generic unterzee2gaz.png
The View from Above


Portrait Random Event Portrait Random Event Portrait Random Event
SS stalactitegaz.png
A fallen stone
SS Random Event A Kind Of Obsession.png
A kind of obsession
SS sailorgaz.png
A skilled crewman
SS bubblesgaz.png
A sudden calm
SS cloudsgaz.png
A Tooth-Cracking Treasure
SS nemesisgaz.png
A white zee-bat
SS lamp bluegaz.png
Burning Blue
SS Random Event Dark News.png
Dark News
SS chapsmoulderinggaz.png
Don't Lose It
SS bohogirl8gaz.png
"Don't you dare forget me."
SS explosiongaz.png
SS seekgaz.png
Horrors Below
SS aboardgaz.png
Nightmare's End
SS hatkeygaz.png
Opening a Cache of Curiosities
SS drownie beardedgaz.png
Pale Visitors
SS Random Event Recurring Nightmares.png
Recurring Nightmares
SS nemesisgaz.png
Recurring Nightmare: Watched
SS candlescreamgaz.png
Restless Nights
SS bookbloodgaz.png
Roused At Midnight
SS Random Event Sleep when you're dead.png
Sleep when you're dead?
SS greeneyetcgaz.png
SS Random Event That Old Fury.png
That Old Fury
SS gleamgaz.png
The Crawling Stars
SS coffingaz.png
The Hungry Dead
SS candlescreamgaz.png
Truth In Dreams?
SS Locations Polythreme.png
SS boxwhitegaz.png
The Man who Stole the Sun
Random Events
Explore A Blemmigan ColonyA Buzzing BeggarA Port Report: Abbey RockA Candle-Lit ShopA ConcertA Contest Of RiddlesA Contretemps With CorsairsA Glittering EyeA Little ProposalA Patriotic DisputeA Privateer EncampmentA Raggedy FellowA Serpent-ImageA Shadowy PredatorA Stranger in DifficultiesAn Exile Aboard?An Intriguing SmellAn Oasis of SortsAuroral RuptureBeachcombingExploring The Shattered CitadelIn AmberMonumental RuinsRat CorsairsThe Carmine ChapelThe View From AboveThe Wisp-WaysTrouble, And Romance
Zee A Fallen StoneA Kind Of ObsessionA Skilled CrewmanA sudden calmA Tooth-Cracking TreasureA white zee-batBurning BlueDark NewsDon't Lose ItDon't You Dare Forget MeFire!Horrors BelowNightmare's EndOpening A Cache Of CuriositiesPale VisitorsRecurring NightmaresRecurring Nightmare: WatchedRestless NightsRoused At MidnightSleep When You're Dead?TearsThat Old FuryThe Crawling StarsThe Hungry DeadTruth In Dreams?Unfinished!