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Romance: Someone Back Home
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Category Quality
Type Romance
Linked to Trouble, and romance
Data ID 109523

Romance: Someone Back Home is considered a Romance Quality in Sunless Sea.

Linked to[]

It is linked to Trouble, and romance from London.

Quality description[]

"You chose a sweetheart in Fallen London."


This quality is gained after you do the ..the Likely Lass or ...the Dapper Chap action in the Trouble, and romance story event.


If you have a sweetheart, the Carouse in Wolfstack Docks action in Fallen London has an option to spend the night with them that gives you cheaper Terror reduction.


If you angered the god Salt, a curse is cast upon you and your sweetheart is no more.

Quality status[]

Romance: Someone Back Home has different statuses according to your actions, defined by the comment in front of the quality.

Interaction description[]

  • [0] They're gone.
  • [1] You have a sweetheart in London.
  • [100] You had a sweetheart in London

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