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Romantic Literature
SS bookredsmall.png
Category Cargo
Type Other Cargo
Price 19 x Echo (Buy) at Red Stallion Publishing

22 x Echo (Sell) at House of Pleasures
22 x Echo (Sell) at Sapphire Exchange

Data ID 110583

Romantic Literature is considered a Misc Item in Sunless Sea. It can be bought or sold at Shops.

Item description[]

"All the adventure of the heart are here, in prose, poetry or pictorial form. Some may be more suitable for private consumption."


Romantic Literature can be obtained in the following ways:

Shop availability[]

Shop Item Buy Price Sell Price
SS bookredsmall.png Red Stallion Publishing - Nephrite Quarter
    SS bookredsmall.png Romantic Literature
SS sapphiresmall.png Sapphire Exchange - Port Carnelian Market
    SS bookredsmall.png Romantic Literature
SS maggotsmall.png House of Pleasures - The Parliament of Flies
    SS bookredsmall.png Romantic Literature


Apart from being used for trade, you need Romantic Literature for the following actions:

It can be "Approved" by The Revenue Men in SS fallenlondon portgaz.png Fallen London. They will convert SS bookredsmall.png Romantic Literature into SS bookredsmall.png Approved Romantic Literature with a fee of SS echosmall.png 5 x Echoes per unit.


Interactions in Brief[]

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Interaction Action Result Type Change
The Revenue Men 'Declare all controlled goods' Default / Challenge Fail = 0
The Revenue Men 'Let them do their worst' Requirement ≤ 0
The Revenue Men 'Set something aside' Default / Challenge Fail = 0
London! 'Deliver Blemmigans' Default / Challenge Fail +1
Abbey Rock Appropriate texts Requirement ≥ 5
Abbey Rock Appropriate texts Default / Challenge Fail -5
The Widower 'Give him the box' Rare Event +9
The Venturer's Desires '"Something romantic."' Requirement ≥ 7
The Venturer's Desires '"Something romantic."' Default / Challenge Fail -7
Carnelian Conspiracies 'An addition to a tiger's library' Requirement ≥ 1
Carnelian Conspiracies 'An addition to a tiger's library' Default / Challenge Fail -1
Carnelian Conspiracies 'An addition to a tiger's library' Rare Event -1
A Civilised Exchange of Gifts 'A gift of prisoner's honey' Default / Challenge Fail +2
Assist at an Animescence Hospital 'Root out a reckless poet' Success +1
A Whisper-Locked Puzzle-Box 'Open the Box' Rare Event +10

Interactions in Detail[]

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Story Action Required Effect
The Revenue Men Set something aside Default:
Declare all controlled goods Default:
Let them do their worst Default:

London! Deliver Blemmigans Default:

Abbey Rock 'Appropriate texts' Default:

The Widower Give him the box Rare:

The Venturer's Desires "Something romantic." Default:

Carnelian Conspiracies An addition to a tiger's library Default: Rare:

A Civilised Exchange of Gifts A gift of prisoner's honey Default:

Assist at an Animescence Hospital Root out a reckless poet Success:

A Whisper-Locked Puzzle-Box Open the Box Rare:

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