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Roser's Wharf
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Type Story
Linked to SS fallenlondon portgaz.png Fallen London

Roser's Wharf is a Sunless Sea Story Event. The market was implemented on February 6th, 2016 in honor of the 1-year anniversary of the game. In addition to the market's implementation, many islands received new options for procuring items which vendors of the market are seeking.

Story description[]

The Rose-Market caters to collectors and eccentrics - anyone with exotic tastes and the gumption to harass zee-captains. According to the arcane, archaic rules of the market, you can only make one trade per visit. Choose wisely.

Game note: People at the Rose-Market will pay above the usual price for specific goods. However, they may not be here the next time you visit!

Trigger conditions[]

This event becomes available in SS fallenlondon portgaz.png Fallen London if you have the following:


Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Madame Shoshana is seeking an Extraordinary Implication

The fortune-teller - under her many scarves - sips tea in a quiet corner of the market. She'll pay well for something portentous.

Great and terrible

Shoshana holds a mirror over her pot of tea. The steam fogs the glass. As is market tradition, you write your information into the condensation with a finger. When you have finished, there is a rustling beneath her scarves; a wrinkled hand emerges from the silk, and places a fat envelope next to the tea pot. "For the knowledge; and your silence."

A Prim Baronet is looking for an Unread Log

He brushes black rose-petals from his shoes. The wharf is strewn with them whenever the Rose-Market congregates.

His eyes light up. "Ah! I've heard of this captain..."

The Baronet would never abandon his gloomy, ivied marsh-mansion. But on long evenings, he lights a candle and reads accounts of reckless nautical adventures. Then he closes the book, shakes his head, and commends his own good sense.

Player Note: More Echo than the Alarming Scholar gives but no reputation gain.
A Tattooed Courier will pay well for a consignment of Scintillack

Her skin is crowded with bright ink. Her smile is cocky.

A satisfied customer

"It makes admirable jewellery," she explains, "but exceptional tea." Two of the market's horse-masked attendants help her wheel the box away.

Player Note: More Echo than at Wolfstack Exchange.
A Starving Poet is looking for a Solacefruit

"I sold a sonnet!" he exclaims, jangling a pocketful of echoes.

Feeding the soul

With his proceeds, he could dine frugally for a fortnight, sensibly for a week, or on Solacefruit for supper. He takes a tiny, careful nibble as soon as you hand it over, careful not to spill a drop of juice.

The Veteran Privy Counsellor is seeking an Outlandish Artefact

He is there surveying curios from distant ports, with palace servants in muted slippers (the Empress dislikes loud noises).

A collector, of sorts

The Veteran Privy Counsellor holds a mirror behind the artefact, and examines the reflection. "Hm. Yes. Inferior to London workmanship, obviously, but it will make an acceptable conversation piece nevertheless." He snaps his fingers at a servant. "Pay the captain."

Player note: Same amount of Echo as the Alarming Scholar or Traveler's Friend in Khan's Shadow.
A Bespectacled Visitor will pay to learn Moves in the Great Game

He drags his thumb over his thick moustache and nods.

A step ahead

You breathe against the glass of a display cabinet, and the Bespectacled Visitor scribbles down the words you trace into the condensation. Candle-light flashes in his dark glasses as he tucks the note into his breast pocket. "Understood. Thank you." He sits a heavy purse on the cabinet, and leaves without another word.

Player note: Better deal than the Dark-Spectacled Admiral or the Diplomat gives.
The Honey-Addled Detective is collecting Watchful Curios

Nearby, a puppet-theatre is performing The Gardens of the Serpent. The Detective waits until the crowd has finished booing before he makes his offer.

A satisfactory exchange

"They make good chess-pieces," he says. He examines the figure's glaring eyes and clenched, bead-sized fists. "I think I'll use this one as a bishop."

Player note: the Alarming Scholar only pays 20 Echos for one of these.
A Jovial Contrarian is purchasing Long-Boxes

His wheeled chair squeaks through the crowd. As all visitors to the Rose-Market must, he carries a mirror. He's painted over the glass, though, with the face of a bat.

"How much? What - for this? Allow me me[sic] explain a fundamental principle of economics..."

He argues over the cost, the box's condition, and whether the wood is walnut, poplar or elm. Then he shakes your hand enthusiastically and happily pays every penny of your original price. A pair of market attendants, puffing beneath their unwieldy horse-masks, help him carry it away.

A Dauntless Temperance Campaigner is cooing at your Live Specimen

She was here to protest against the shadow-puppet production of The Honey Harvest, but passes her placard to one of her supporters. "How much for the beastie?"

Room in her heart

"I never did like to see anything locked up." She searches her purse for payment, as two of her burlier supporters heft the cage. The thing inside is remarkably still. The Dauntless Temperance Campaigner hands over the fee, and pats the cage. "Come now, dearie. Let's get you out of here."

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