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Roused at Midnight
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Category Random Event
Type Zee
Linked to SS skullsmall.png Terror
Data ID 144493

Roused at Midnight is a Sunless Sea Random Event.

Trigger conditions[]

Roused at Midnight can be triggered at zee if you have the following:

Story description[]

As the first watch ends, shouts for'ard rouse you! Your bo'sun's face is grim as you emerge on deck. “We lost one. Weighted hisself with pans and went overboard. Took Cook's best kettle, too. Morale is worsening, Captain.”


Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Distribute an extra rum ration

Zailors are rarely ungrateful for grog.

Liquid comfort

It hasn't helped with discipline, but the mood aboard is perceptibly better.

Place a guard on the cookware

Sometimes, it's best just to be seen doing something practical.

A confused response

This isn't exactly what your crew expected. But you won't be left eating food raw! Even so far from London, there are standards which must be maintained!

Address the crew

Remind that all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well, if only they have courage.

    SS heartssmall.png Hearts challenge (167 for 100%)

Failed event
An unsuccessful homily

Men and women scratch and yawn. A scrawny cat licks itself indelicately. You catch the bo'sun picking his nose. Have they heard this one before?

Successful event
Straightened backs

You're on good form today. You remind them of their bravery, their honour, the glory which will be theirs on the return to London. By the end of the speech, you've almost convinced yourself.

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