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Salt's Song
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Category Story Event
Type Story
Linked to SS irem portgaz.png Irem
Data ID 144254

Salt's Song is a Sunless Sea Story Event.

Trigger conditions[]

Salt's Song is triggered by choosing the Gain Salt's Song action in SS irem portgaz.png Irem, and having SS scarydoorsmall.png At Last: the Threshold ≥ 4 and SS sunlesssmall.png At Last: Salt's Song = 0.

Story description[]

"Is there a price?" the Seven-Serpent will ask, in the half-dream. "There is generally a price."


Actions Requirements Effects Notes
"There is no price."

Salt's Song is priceless. Therefore, it cannot be purchased.


The Seven-Serpent lowers one head to your feet, to guard you like a watchful hound. It curls two more around you, to shield you from the gaze of others. It directs one head towards the ceiling where Storm waits, and one towards the depths of the sea. It directs the ruby eye-chips of its sixth skull towards the South, where Stone glows.

Its seventh head butts against your ear, warm as granite in the sun. It murmurs Salt's Song. Your heart thrills with it. Your heart could be a distant bell, wave-sounded. Look east, with the bell's echoes falling.

"The price might be an Enigma."

If you offered the Seven-Serpent an Enigma, perhaps its westmost head would reach down and nip it from your palm, like a giraffe mouthing a flower.

"The price might be a treasure."

If you offered the Seven-Serpent a treasure, perhaps it would open its mouths and hiss Salt's Song like steam.

"The price might be a piece of a god."

If you offered the Seven-Serpent a Mountain-Sherd, perhaps it would swallow it. Perhaps its stone would be suffused with light.

"The price might be Dawn."

If you were to offer a piece of the Dawn Machine to the Seven-Serpent - then perhaps it would direct its burning gaze to the West. Perhaps you could steal Salt's Song from beneath its feet.

"A Dread Surmise will not suffice."

"Truth burns; Salt's Song quenches."

"The price might be a Dread Surmise."

Perhaps. If only you knew.

"An Enigma will not suffice."

"Salt's Song may not be bought for secrets."

"A Treasure will not suffice."

"Salt's Song may not be bought for trinkets."

"A Mountain-Sherd will not suffice."

"God-flesh will not purchase Salt's Song."

"An Element of Dawn will not suffice."

"That light is a false light."

"The price is unpaid."

Salt's Song is priceless. Therefore, it cannot be purchased.

Seven-Serpent sighs

"Something sinister," she says. "Six shouldn't. Seven sometimes. Still. Song secured. Sail safely, swindler."

Price Unpaid is unobtainable; this option is a hint to the player, and the result hints strongly the action can be completed only as a game debugging help.
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