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Scrimshaw Chronicler
Scrimshaw Chronicler
Position Cook

SS heartssmall.png -1 x Hearts
SS ironsmall.png +3 x Iron
SS pensmall.png +3 x Pages
SS mirrorssmall.png +3 x Mirrors

Promotions N/A

Scrimshaw Chronicler is a potential Cook crew member. His disillusionment with the truth behind Glory's death, the zee-beast that the SS Locations The Chelonate.png Chelonate is built upon, has driven him to venture elsewhere.

Character description[]

"The Chronicler's heart is weary, but his meals are hearty... and he can make soup out of almost anything."


The Scrimshaw Chronicler can be recruited in SS Locations The Chelonate.png The Chelonate by doing the "Tales for the Bone!" action that triggers SS passerbysmall.png The Scrimshaw Chronicler event, completing the quests SS harpoonsmall.png Memoirs: Glory's Bones, the associated subquest SS forestnightsmall.png Another Day: Where the Wood Was, and choosing the option Tell him the truth.

The SS harpoonsmall.png Memoirs: Glory's Bones quest will send you to SS irem portgaz.png Irem, so you will need at least one bag of SS coffeesmall.png Sack of Darkdrop Coffee Beans to complete the SS forestnightsmall.png Another Day: Where the Wood Was subquest.


Scrimshaw Chronicler cannot be promoted.


If recruited and taken back to London, you will be able to select the Release the Scrimshaw Chronicler from your service option. Doing so will grant you +1 SS heartssmall.png Hearts and +3 SS guisemalesmall.png Outlandish Artefacts. He is well received in his new home.

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