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Searching the Ivory Archives
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Category Story Event
Type Story
Data ID 254679

Searching the Ivory Archives is a Sunless Sea Story Event.

Story description[]

"Narrow passages wind through the old city, shadowed, ever-descending. You walk alone, except for the constant remains of those who came before you - each bearing their sad, small tales. They all end the same way. They all end here. Will you?"

Trigger conditions[]

Searching the Ivory Archives is triggered when you do the Delve into the Ivory Archives action in SS Locations Scrimshander.png Scrimshander.


Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Continue downwards

The tales of the dead surround you. Each step buries you deeper in the past.

Failed event
Too much

Another life's story, another sad fate. Eventually, they all seem the same. This one shares your name. Will you share their fate?

Successful event
Downwards, into history

What came before now? What terrors of yesterday led to today?

Overstay your welcome

You can't stop now. You need to know what came before. D_mn the costs.

Failed event

You hide among the dead, but they will not have you. Not yet. Burly archivists descend upon you. Their censors belch a stinging fog as they demand to know what you seek. When you reply, the sound of a scratching quill fills your ears and drowns your senses.

You wake outside. Something is missing. If only you could recall what it was.

Successful event
Onwards, unheeding

Eyeless sockets stare at you from every side. Accusatory finger-bones reveal your path. Inscribed tales warn you of the danger. But still you continue.

Out of time

Maybe you forgot how long it would take to leave. Maybe you simply must finish reading this tale. Flee now, before the archivists find you and add you to the collection.

Failed event
An object lesson

The archivists who find you have no mercy. The fog from their censors stings your eyes and fills your lungs. You try to explain yourself, and one inscribes your pitiful pleading on the walls as a warning to others. The scraping of the bone quill fills your ears before you black out.

When you come to, you sit outside the archives. Something has been taken from you. What was it?

Successful event
A desperate flight

The dead surround you, covered in warnings of fools who forgot to flee. If only you had listened sooner. Perhaps you'll live long enough to learn.

Search for the exit

Which way did you come from, again? This deep, you don't recognise the languages, but the stories are still familiar.

Failed event
A dead end

What forgotten corner of history is this? Misshapen skeletons laugh at your confusion. Their tales tell of those lost to history.

Successful event
Onwards and upwards

The bones are fresher, the tales more recent. Leave the past behind.

Leave the archives

You're not too far gone yet. You can still escape, unlike these poor souls.

Back to now

Back among the living, or at least the most recent remains.


Links In[]

SS scrimshandergaz.png Scrimshander Centre, SS remainsgaz.png Discoveries in the Ivory Archives

Links Out[]

SS scrimshandergaz.png Scrimshander Centre, SS remainsgaz.png Discoveries in the Ivory Archives

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