Sunless Sea Wiki

Shops works as other shops in different games. In Sunless Sea you can buy or sell your goods if a specific shop is interested in them.

You can only find Shops when you are docked at Ports.

You can see if a port has a shop by looking for an active Shops tab in your Gazetteer and clicking on it.

List of Shops[]

Adam's Way[]

Adam's Way: The gateway to the Continent's treasures.

Portrait Shop
SS bohogirl7small.png
Peleghast's Post


The Fortas Kettle: A restrained research vessel.

Portrait Shop
SS flukessmall.png


Anthe: A city of flowering crystal.

Portrait Shop
SS emeraldsmall.png


Dahut: Here: peace.

Portrait Shop
SS drownie femalesmall.png
Dahut Exchange

Fallen London[]

London: Cargoes, treasures, weapons, secrets. Mischief.

Portrait Shop Portrait Shop Portrait Shop
SS mrsplentysmall.png
Mrs Plenty's Shipside Provisioners
SS wolfstackdocks portsmall.png
Wolfstack Exchange
SS genericmale1small.png
Carrow's Naval Surplus
SS master2small.png
Caminus Yards
SS chap8small.png
The Iron & Misery Company
SS chap7small.png
Bultitude's House of Vision

Gaider's Mourn[]

Corsair's Forest: Loot for sale or rent.

Portrait Shop Portrait Shop
SS drunksmall.png
The Arrant Limpet
SS greeneyesmall.png
The Friendly Face

Gant Pole[]

The Gant Pole: Where pocket-watches go to die.

Portrait Shop Portrait Shop
SS servantsmall.png
Jonah's End
SS bloodstainsmall.png


Hideaway: A place of refuge.

Portrait Shop
SS coast1small.png
Exile Bazaar


The Last Market: Beyond this place, who knows?

Portrait Shop Portrait Shop Portrait Shop
SS scrap2small.png
The Fisher of Dawn
SS boat basicsmall.png
SS st mountainssmall.png

Iron Republic[]

Market of Hungers: Use a MARKET OF HUNGERS choice under STORY to access more goods.

Portrait Shop
SS volcanosmall.png
Fire in the Belly

The Calvary Doctrine: Sacrifice what is needful, and gain that which is desirable.

Portrait Shop
SS sunderedseasmall.png
The House of Milks

The Gesundheit Conspiracy: You will be happy, and healthy. Nothing else remains.

Portrait Shop
SS heart2small.png
House of Harvests

The Parliament of Flies: Flies. Listen.

Portrait Shop
SS maggotsmall.png
House of Pleasures


Portrait Shop
SS appallingsecretsmall.png
House of Harms

Khan's Heart[]

Nephrite Quarter

Portrait Shop Portrait Shop
SS khansheart portsmall.png
Licensed Exchange
SS bookredsmall.png
Red Stallion Publishing

Khan's Shadow[]

Freemarket: Trade unfettered by the Khanate's law.

Portrait Shop Portrait Shop
SS remainssmall.png
Dearly Departed
SS mechanismsmall.png
Traveller's Friend

Low Barnet[]

Low Barnet: The bell still tolls.

Portrait Shop
SS declaimsmall.png
Low Church

Mount Palmerston[]


Portrait Shop Portrait Shop
SS digsmall.png
Malebolge Excavations
SS breadsmall.png
Daily Bread


Nook: Teeth.

Portrait Shop
SS cudgeltoothsmall.png
The Yawning Maw


Polythreme: BUY. SELL.

Portrait Shop
SS clayman6small.png
Temple of Labours

Port Carnelian[]

Port Carnelian Market: Not just sapphires. Although there are quite a lot of sapphires.

Portrait Shop Portrait Shop
SS banknotessmall.png
Dockside Market
SS sapphiresmall.png
Sapphire Exchange


Rosegate: The finest cigar shop above or below the waves.

Portrait Shop
SS enigmasmall.png
Proving Ground


Scrimshander: Ivory and historiography.

Portrait Shop
SS skullsmall.png

The Chelonate[]

A Notch in the Shell: Skin-and-bone stalls crowd a narrow space.

Portrait Shop
SS harpoonsmall.png
Uncle Ankle's Lean Place


Tomb-Colonies: Cobwebbed harbours of antique stone.

Portrait Shop Portrait Shop Portrait Shop
SS banknotessmall.png
Arcade of Sighs
SS ruins2small.png
Hollow Temple
SS coffinsmall.png
The Charnel Lounge


Whither: Where are questions born?

Portrait Shop Portrait Shop
SS fezmansmall.png
Fortune & Fortune
SS passerbysmall.png
The Hunter's Cage


Prospering Wrack: A city of delights.

Portrait Shop
SS ironsmall.png

Struggling Wrack: A city of sallow wreckers.

Portrait Shop
SS ironsmall.png


Scattered Stalls: Scattered stalls on the dock-side.

Portrait Shop
SS sailorsmall.png
Harbour Provisioners

Not available in-game[]

A Bountiful Exchange: How kind are the many-legged neighbours, to sell their gifts so cheaply!

Portrait Shop
SS spidersilksmall.png
Spinner's Delight


Portrait Shop
SS scutteringcompanysmall.png
The Scuttering Company (Marine Element)
Arcade of SighsBultitude's House of VisionCaminus YardsCarrow's Naval SurplusDahut ExchangeDaily BreadDearly DepartedDockside MarketFire in the BellyFortune & FortuneHarbour ProvisionersHollow TempleHouse of HarmsHouse of HarvestsHouse of MilksHouse of PleasuresHull-harvestJonah's EndLicensed ExchangeLow ChurchMalebolge ExcavationsMrs Plenty's Shipside ProvisionersPeleghast's PostPortentumRed Stallion PublishingRequisitionsSapphire ExchangeStonemarketTemple of LaboursThe Arrant LimpetThe Charnel LoungeThe Fisher of DawnThe Hunter's CageThe Iron & Misery CompanyThresholdTraveller's FriendUncle Ankle's Lean PlaceWind-Come-CallingWolfstack Exchange