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Sigil-Eaten Navigator
Sigil-Eaten Navigator
Position First Officer

SS mirrorssmall.png +9 x Mirrors
SS veilssmall.png +5 x Veils

Data ID 102989

Sigil-Eaten Navigator is a potential First Officer crew member.

Character description[]

"More Sigil than man, now. But he sets a true course"


The Sigil-Eaten Navigator can be is promoted by following the Sigil-Ridden Navigator's Storylet:


Interaction Unlocked by Effects Notes
Increase your Mirrors

You've already shared so much. But there's always more to learn.

He leans close

He does not come on deck any more. He is light as a scarecrow; all hollow inside. A sudden pitch would cast him overboard. The blackness of his cabin is alleviated only by the sigil-glow, smugly violet. Since Kingeater's Castle he can feel the pull of the sea under his skin. He sees its changes like storms on the horizon. He can find a path by spilling blood in the waters and watching its churn. He tells you his secrets.

Game note: Spend a Secret to improve your Mirrors, unless it's higher than 100.
Answer questions about your past
You've kept your secrets long enough.
Game note: Unmask yourself! This will allow you to select a Past, Ambition, and form of preferred address - also providing you with a specialist ability bonus.


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