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Sigil-Ridden Navigator
Sigil-Ridden Navigator
Position First Officer

SS mirrorssmall.png +6 x Mirrors
SS veilssmall.png +3 x Veils

Promotions Sigil-Eaten Navigator
Data ID 102989

Sigil-Ridden Navigator is a potential First Officer crew member.

Character description[]

"Has that tattoo grown since last you looked?"


The Sigil-Ridden Navigator can be recruited in


The Sigil-Ridden Navigator can be promoted to the Sigil-Eaten Navigator by following his storyline.


Speak with your Navigator[]

"I... yes. Yes, now is good. Thank you."

Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Increase your Mirrors
Maybe one of your secrets can drag something out of him.
"I'm sorry. It's the pain. No, this is what you wanted, I think."

He is eager to instruct you, like a drowning man striking for air. But he struggles to put words to his understanding. Does his sigil give him his insights? Or is it old learning he has failed to forget?

Game note: Spend a Secret to improve your Mirrors, unless it's higher than 100.

Invite him to dine with you
He has an admirable appetite for so slight a fellow.
Seconds, then thirds, disappear in small, hasty morsels. He is nervous, and not a gifted conversationalist. You do your best to plug in the silence. When you ask about his past, he winces.

"I can't say, Addressed As. This -" he taps the livid sigil on his temple, which twitches like a scorpion's sting "-has burned away my memories. I recall I have a brother but not his name or where he is. I remember the names of the ships I've served on - the Implicit, the Bonny Swan - but not their crew."

How did he come by the sigil? He clutches his head. "I don't know, I don't know. Thinking about it is like fire in my skull." He grits his teeth. "Someone must have hated me very much to curse me with it. But I can't even remember my enemy."

Game note: Speak to him again to advance his story.

"Captain. Captain!"
"My sleep is riddled with dreams, Addressed As. Dreams of bells and candles!"
A destination
He paces the deck. "I see a lonely house lit by tallow and wick. A bell is ringing. It rings now! Do you hear it?" He scratches at his sigil, which has begun to bleed. "Do you know this place, captain? Can I plot a course?"

A place of candles and bells. The Chapel of Lights - a northern church where no sin is too terrible.

He stands at the rail, staring into the dark
He flinches when you join him. His sigil has been troubling him of late.
The next step

"I'm sorry, Addressed As. I was remembering the Chapel of Lights, and the priest's counsel. Frostfound, he said. You have been so kind - I hate to ask you for more, but..." His sigil dims. It coils like a poised serpent.

The ship's surgeon finds you
"He's awake, Addressed As, and he's asking for you." The Navigator has slept - fitfully - since he collapsed on the Frostfound ice.
New purpose

His sigil has grown. It reaches down to his cheek, now. The skin it marks is pitted and grey.

"Captain! The ice told me. The sigil's reflection was its opposite. Or inverse. It doesn't matter. We must go North! North and North and North. To the Avid Horizon. To Void's Approach." He struggles to rise. "Where are my charts? My compass? My sounding-line?"

"Captain, may I speak with you? In private."
His voice is dull. His sigil throbs, red as embers in the Neathy gloom.
His forgotten crime

He hands you his confession, retrieved from Void's Approach. "Please. Read."

His last request
The truth has broken him.
Parting ways
He buries his face in his hands...
Ask where he would like to disembark
"Leave me on Codex, where my silence won't be questioned. Or at the Empire of Hands, where no one will care."

You have heard that the Mute Exiles on Codex reward anyone who brings them a new initiate. They pay with secrets of fire.

There will be no such recompense from the apes of Port Stanton, but your Navigator offers to leave you his tools, charts and notebooks in return for his passage.

Game note: Abandon your Navigator at Codex to earn a valuable item, or at Port Stanton in the Empire of Hands for a lesser reward but an increase in your Mirrors. Or perhaps there is another, less pleasant option...

Suggest another option
It would be a release for him - of a sort - and it has a certain sanguine poetry...
Your stomach growls

You describe a rite that you could conduct at Kingeater's Castle. Afterwards, he would forget his pain. He would even forget that he forgot. The part of him that suffers will be gone, and whatever remains will serve you. He shudders. "It is not forgiveness," he whispers. "But perhaps it is justice."

Answer questions about your past
You've kept your secrets long enough.
Game note: Unmask yourself! This will allow you to select a Past, Ambition, and form of preferred address - also providing you with a specialist ability bonus.


This video shows the three outcomes for the Sigil-Ridden Navigator's Storylet

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