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Sly Navigator
Sly Navigator
Position First Officer

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Data ID 107459

Sly Navigator is a potential First Officer crew member. Besides the Mascots, he is the only Officer without an extensive storyline.

Character description[]

"Competent? Probably. Trustworthy? Possibly."


The Sly Navigator is obtained automatically if you have chosen Your Past as A poet!.


"The zee, Captain. Look at it, out there! It's not our friend. Don't forget that."

Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Increase your Mirrors

"Tell me a tale, and I'll tell you another. The zee is full of stories."

The zee...

The Navigator likes to talk about the zee. He has long opinions on its beauties, its dangers, its salinity, its depth and its contents - and the rest. Every other sentence starts 'The zee...' Zee, zee, zee... After a while you reach the point of semantic satiation, and the word 'zee' means no more to you than the word 'zop'. But you zeem to have learnt something.

Game note: Spending a Secret will improve your Mirrors, but no higher than 50.
What does he want?

What does he seek at zee?

"The zee is enough."

"But now you mention it... I have always had a desire to see Frostfound. The place where the zee rises to become a castle. The place where questions and riddles do battle for truth." He sighs dreamily, but he is watching you carefully. "Yes. Frostfound."

Game note: Frostfound can be found in the very north of the zee.
Proposition the Sly Navigator

"I do talk nonsense about the zee, I know. But I like it. And I like you."
Game note: The Navigator values sincerity. Ensure your Hearts is at least twenty points higher than your Mirrors.

Discreet delights

The Navigator is rather earnest, and given to displays of slightly unnerving enthusiasm; but like any good navigator, he knows his way around, and understands the importance of timing. You are more than satisfied by the time you both drift off to sleep.
Game note: Opportunities for other trysts with the Navigator will occur while you're at sea, substantially reducing Terror. However, if you have a lover in port, they might find out.

Exchange a secret smile

A romance with an Officer might be considered unseemly. You'll need to be discreet.


Game note: Opportunities for other trysts with the Gunner will occur while you're at sea - but quite yet.

Other Interactions[]

Location Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Frostfound Allow the Sly Navigator to examine the tower Where is he?
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