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Sunlight-Filled Mirrorcatch Box
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Type Trade good
Price 300 x Echo (Sell) at The Friendly Face
Data ID 113966

Sunlight-Filled Mirrorcatch Box is considered a Trade goods item and is considered contraband in London.

Item description[]

"It's very dangerous, but who cares when it's so pretty?"


A Sunlight-Filled Mirrorcatch Box can be obtained by taking an Empty Mirrorcatch Box to the Surface via the Cumaean Canal Staging Area, or by taking it to Aestival (However, filling Mirrorcatch Boxes at Aestival has a risk of increasing Wounds).



Item location Shop name Buy price Sell price
Gaider's Mourn The Friendly Face - 300 x Echo


Sunlight smuggling:

  • Selling Sunlight-Filled Mirrorcatch Box in the Isle of Cats in the Sell Sunlight action pays 400 x Echo and may not return an Empty Mirrorcatch Box. If the Empty Mirrorcatch Box is not returned, 500 x Echo is received instead.
  • Selling Sunlight-Filled Mirrorcatch Box in London to the Blind Bruiser pays 400 x Echo and will always return an Empty Mirrorcatch Box. This is the most profitable method over time when collecting sunlight from the surface, as the Cumaean Canal Staging Area is always close to Fallen London.
  • Trade a Sunlight-Filled Mirrorcatch Box in Nook for seven Caskets of Sappires. This will not give back an Empty Mirrorcatch Box. Casket of Sapphires are worth 99x Echoes each at Uncle Ankle's Lean Place at the Chelonate for a total profit of 443 Echoes after subtracting the cost of the Mirrorcatch Box, which the most profitable option per-unit. Alternately, sell the Sapphires at Polythreme for 95 Echoes each, total profit 415 Echoes, or 11 Caskets can, at Dahut, be turned into a Captivating Treasure (1000x Echoes in Khan's Shadow or as an Heirloom), which does not take up space in the hold; this nets a smaller but substantial profit of 354 Echoes. This method works best when harvesting sunlight from Aestival as it is always close to the Chelonate and often close to Nook, Khan's Shadow (for the empty boxes and possibly the treasures), and Dahut/Polythreme.

SS crewsmall.png Crew stealing your Sunlight-Filled Mirrorcatch Boxes:


Yearning, Burning[]

While trading in Sunlight-Filled Mirrorcatch Boxes is immensely profitable, it brings mortal danger. The captain's addiction to sunlight is measured by Quality SS bazaarsunsmall.png Menaces: Yearning, Burning: the higher it is, the more dangerous it becomes. If it high enough, a Random Event can be triggered at zee, where the captain starts uncontrollably opening the boxes themselves, losing sunlight and inflicting SS bloodstainsmall.png Menaces: Wounds. This random event has three variations, depending on SS bazaarsunsmall.png Menaces: Yearning, Burning.

If SS bazaarsunsmall.png Menaces: Yearning, Burning high enough and there are several Sunlight-Filled Mirrorcatch Boxes on board, the event may turn into a chain reaction, repeating until the captain's imminent death... unless they manage to fling every sunlight-filled boxes overboard before it's too late. If someone survives this ordeal, it might be a good idea for them to lay off the sunlight trade for a while, and rest frequently in SS Interactions Your Lodgings.png their lodgings to decrease SS bazaarsunsmall.png Menaces: Yearning, Burning.

If you plan on engaging in the mirror-box trade, it's highly recommended to not upgrade your Lodgings until you've had your fill of it. Upgraded lodgings cost you ten times the the amount of Echoes to rest, but resting in an Elegant Townhouse reduces your Menaces: Yearning, Burning stat by the same amount as it would if you were resting in your rooms above the Helmsman. Also, note that the Cladery Heir may help here, once, so save it until you need it.