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Infobox journal

This is a infobox template for use in stories, circumstances, accomplishments and events (random and story) articles.


{{Infobox journal
|image        = The image you want to display.
|px           = The width of the image in pixels. Optional, if not defined uses original image width (46 for most journal images).
|category     = The category of the article.
|type         = The type of the category. For qualities, the "section" it appears in the Journal
|linked       = If other this article is linked to other articles.
|id           = The data value found in the game code.


{{Infobox journal
|image = SS sunsetsmall.png
|category = [[Qualities|Quality]]
|type = [[Qualities#Memoirs|Memoirs]]
|linked = [[File:SS Locations Grand Geode.png|23px]] [[Grand Geode]]
|id = 116749
Infobox journal
SS sunsetsmall.png
Category Quality
Type Memoirs
Linked to SS Locations Grand Geode.png Grand Geode
Data ID 116749