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That Old Fury
SS blackjack2gaz.png
Category Random Event
Type Zee
Linked to SS skullsmall.png Terror
Data ID 150455

That Old Fury is a Sunless Sea Random Event.

Trigger conditions[]

That Old Fury is triggered at zee if you have the following:

Event description[]

A zailor has run mad! She roams the ship, cudgel in hand, smashing comrades to the deck. She cries: “He is angry! Oh, he is angry!”


Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Shoot her dead

It's the only safe thing to do. She's already killed one man.

    SS ironsmall.png Iron challenge ( 34 for 100% )

Failed event
Too late!

Guns roar - but she's terribly quick. She downs another zailor before she falls dying to the deck. “Free him,” she groans. “Free him!”

Successful event
A bitter end

Your zailors' weapons roar, and down she goes. You recite a hasty funeral for the poor soul and her wretched victim. But who will be next?

Talk her down

Call her by name. Remind her who she is, where, why.

    SS heartssmall.png Hearts challenge ( 167 for 100% )

Failed event
Furious laughter

“Oh, I had a name, but he's burnt it! Burnt like paper, like the tree on the hill!” She lunges forwards, bringing another victim to the deck before turning, sprinting to the foredeck, leaping overboard with a wild scream of joy...

Successful event

Your soft words convince her to lay down her weapon: she stands staring about her, crying like a child, until you lead her away. She sleeps for a day and a night and wakes somewhat recovered. Nothing can be done for her victim.

Capture her alive

Perhaps you can confine her until the madness passes...

    SS ironsmall.png Iron challenge ( 134 for 100% )

Failed event You redo the event until you succeed the challenge.
Futile, futile!

She's quick and strong and merciless! She brings another zailor down in a trailing spray of red -

Successful event
Barely contained

Your crew brings her down in a shrieking heap. You drag her off below decks. “I am that old fury!” she is howling. For a moment in the glim-light, her eyes seem to swirl the grey of storm-clouds...

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