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The Boke of Sharpes
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Category Curiosity
Type Legacy
Data ID 113575

The Boke of Sharpes is considered a Legacy Curiosity item.

Item description[]

"This barely qualifies as a book. Dozens of scraps of paper have been crammed into a scuffed folio. Each bears helpful advice on murder, and, often, a stain."

Linked to[]

It is linked to the storylet in SS liberationofnightsmall.png Vienna as well as the secret ambition on Aestival.


The Boke of Sharpes is a persistent Legacy advantage in Sunless Sea. It confers a +25 starting bonus to Iron and needs only to be obtained once.

You gain this Legacy advantage in SS liberationofnightsmall.png Vienna by raising Supremacy: the Anarchists to 7, through a series of favours for the Fidgeting Agitator.

Alternatively, you can Receive an Embassy at Your Colony in Aestival with the Disillusioned Doctor as your Viceroy.

Details for Vienna[]

  • Visit the Cumaean Canal Staging Area, travel to Naples, then Vienna.
  • Select the action "Psst! Friend! Strike a blow for freedom, will you?" which will cost -5 x Echoes and deliver the Supplies for the Work to Fallen London.
  • Repeat a further 6 times (the action is now called "Another favour for the agitator").
  • On your seventh delivery, the Admiralty will shut down and no longer be accessible, so be warned.

Considerations for Vienna[]

  • This will actually cost pretty significantly, since each trip to the surface costs a minimum of 22 Fuel and 2 Supplies. However, the first and subsequent deliveries award 5 x Supplies, 10 x Fuel and 1 x Crate of Human Souls
    • Note that both can be replenished on the surface - supplies are especially cheap.
    • There's also a significant chance of losing crew when visiting the surface, factor that cost in.
  • Consider running Sacks of Darkdrop Coffee Beans to Vienna with any spare cargo space at the same time, to increase profits and/or cover costs.

Read the Boke of Sharpes[]

Read the Boke of Sharpes
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Category Story Event
Type Story
Data ID 169762

The Boke of Sharpes is a Sunless Sea Story Event.

Story description[]

Some previous zee-captain acquired this horrendous compendium. Where, you'll never know. That's for the best.

Trigger conditions[]

Triggered by clicking on The Boke of Sharpes.


Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Read the Boke

Some of the stains are so old that they no longer smell. Some of the writing is still legible.

The moves; the consequences; the risks; the relics. Death is difficult on the Unterzee, but now you know more of it than you ever expected. Game note: This will increase your Iron to 60.
Read the Boke

You're a soldier. This is your business.

Mm. Yes. Ouch. Mm. My. Well, he deserved it. Good Lord. Good Lord. Hmm. Really? Well. Game note: This will increase your Iron to 85.


Video tutorial on how to acquire the Boke of Sharps.

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