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The Dogged Apprentice on a Break
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Category Story Event
Type Story
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The Dogged Apprentice on a Break is a Sunless Sea Story Event.

Story description[]

His room, tucked deep within the recesses of Rosegate, is filled with old notebooks. "I was an artist, once," he confides. "I've been here four, maybe five years now. But I practice when I can."

Trigger conditions[]

The Dogged Apprentice on a Break is triggered when you do the An hour's rest action in SS rosegatesmall.png Rosegate.


Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Pose for him

He has many sketchbooks, and seems to have an aptitude for figure drawing. Would he like to sketch you?

He doesn't say much as you model, only mumbling, "Could you look a little more - no, just a little - yes, hold that." Once his break ends, he passes you the book. He's captured you well, right down to your smallest blemish.

It's not the only time he's sketched you, either. There are recollections of how you appeared on the dock, scenes of you captaining your vessel, and memories of your work together in crafting the bitter flavour. The anguish he spent over the detail is apparent.

Give an audience to a short story

There are notebooks spilling out of his desk-drawer. Could he read some of his stories to you?

The stories all centre on cafés and anarchists. Most are placed on the surface, though some happen in London. One story, about the formulation of a plan that exploded a city block, featured a relentless coffee motif. "It's an attack on art," the Apprentice jokes, sheepishly. One story revolves around a failed plot in London; another focuses on the desperate escape afterward, made possible by a mysterious patron. The whole collection of work, while stilted, is violently aligned to the anarchic cause, and remarkably detailed.


Links In[]

SS rosegatesmall.png Rosegate

Links Out[]

SS rosegatesmall.png Rosegate

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