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The Fathomking's Hold
The Fathomking's Hold (Map)
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The Fathomking's Hold (Gazetteer)
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Located in The Promised Sea
Ports Lorkinsport
Shops None
Shipyard None

The Fathomking's Hold is the seat of the king of the Drownies.

The Fathomking's Hold first existed in the Steel update. Stories became available in Carnelian.

Port description[]

Lorkins Port: named for that most enterprising of Drownies. Phosphor-cells burn green. Somewhere below, the King waits.

Port Interactions[]

Only limited interactions available without Zee-ztories to gain access.

Location description[]

Like an iceberg, like a Bazaar-Master's scheme, like the Neath itself, most of the Hold is invisible. You see only a tiny portion of sculpted coral - the rest waits below the surface. The Fathomking's bone-rooms and aquaria. His pearl-snares and his dining-chambers...

Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Descend to an audience with the Fathomking

The Fathomking is the lord of the Drownies - those dead who won't stop swimming. By some accounts, he's the lord of all who die at sea. Bring him a story to tickle his curiosity.

Speaking to the Porter

The Porter has the skin of a shark. She has a drowned woman's eyes. It is not permitted to look at her hands. "Yes," she rasps. "That story is sufficient."

She opens the Valves of Pearl, and permits you to pass into the conduit.

Permit shore leave

Perhaps your zailors would like to take the air ashore?

A ruby dream

"Captain. I walked the shore at the edge of the coral-caps. The Drownies sported there. They called my name. They said I could join them, if I partook of the Feast. Their eyes were red pearls. Captain, I dare not sleep. There is such a hunger on me - "

Rare event (25%)
An amethyst dream

“Captain. I think I might have slept. I know it was foolish... but my soul is soothed. I dreamt of another place, beneath a sky of amethyst. My skin was crusted with jewels. My claws were strong... Captain, if we pass this way again, I would ask leave to visit the Hold again.”

Trade for Drowning-Pearls

The Drownies have a peculiar appetite for scintillack, that silvery northern coral. They whisper and giggle as they haggle.

An exchange

Where do the Drownies find their pearls? Do they rip them from oysters? Evolve them from the alien machinery of their throats? Here they are, chilly and lustrous and just a little streaked with slime.

Useful for gaining favour at Khan's Heart.
Trade for a White Mollyflower

It looks like a fish in water and a flower in air. The Drownies recommend owning one if you are going to their cousins at Dahut.

Sprig and fins

Place it in water if it needs reviving. Crush it and bite it when the need arises. It is proof against seeing things that aren't there, "which is the only trick they know in Dahut." A sniff and a jealous song go with this observation.

Repair your ship

The Drownies can set to work without any need of drydock. But they will have their due.

The Song of Shaping

As they work, the Drownies sing of shaping: of iron, of stone, of flesh. They sing of persuasion, of correction, of force. They sing of coral, and how it may be punished. They sing of stars...

A very, very expensive way to repair your ship.
Compile a Port Report

The Porter watches you write. She says nothing.

Others who come and go

Those granted audience return dazed, awestruck. The King is not generous, but occasionally he is fair.

Put a blemmigan ashore

It's dark and damp here, with many crevasses where it can hide. The blemmigan should flourish - so long as it avoids the Fathomking's notice.

An unexpected welcom

"A gift from the Myceligaean Mother," the Porter says dispassionately. "The Fathomking will be pleased. Here. For your trouble."


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