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The Gods of the Zee: Stone's Attention
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Category Quality
Type The Gods of the Zee
Data ID 109509

The Gods of the Zee: Stone's Attention is considered a The Gods of the Zee Quality in Sunless Sea.

Linked to[]

It is linked to the god Stone attention towards you and your crew.

Quality description[]

"It's very far away; but perhaps it's watching you."


  • This quality is gained by doing the Gain Stone's Attention in the The House of the Question in Whither.
  • You could gain it by doing the Offer a gift on the Abbey Rock which is a notably more cost-effective alternative (only 1 x Hunting-Trophy required).
  • The three sisters of Hunter's Keep also provide easy access to all three "Attentions" in the early stages of their story.


  • The Brisk Campaigner may require this for the final step in her promotion Story.
  • The View from Above which is randomly triggered while you explore Gaider's Mourn or Mount Palmerston has an option Prayer to the god called Stone which will trade The Gods of the Zee: Stone's Attention for +2 x Hearts and +2 x Mirrors. It is worth noting that the same random event has a past-based option that increases your past-related attribute by 5 (up to 100), and doesn't cost you anything.

Quality status[]

The Gods of the Zee: Stone's Attention does not have a status description.

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