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The Gods of the Zee: Storm's Curse
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Linked to Storm
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The Gods of the Zee: Storm's Curse is considered a Quality in Sunless Sea.

Linked to[]

It is linked to one the gods of the Unterzee, Storm.

Circumstance description[]

"A curse lies on you: the curse of the nameless god of high places and anger."


This quality may be gained during "The Last Tour," if the Tomb-Colonists cause a fracas while watching Storm's Rites at the Chelonate. This happens 35% of the time, though actually gettingChelonate as a destination itself only have a 50% chance of happening.

During the "Your Father's Bones" ambition, bringing the heart of Mt. Nomad to the Fathomking will always give you Storm's Curse.

In the dark room in Frostfound, by uncovering one of the symbols that compose its true name, one may also get the other God's Curse instead.


Storm's Curse may be lifted by visiting Whither's House of the Question with:

Removal also results in SS skullsmall.png +5 x Terror

Price Analysis: Live Specimen is worth 125 echo when sold, and as much as 500 when bought. Cask of Mushroom Wine can be easily bought for 21 echo or easily sold for 23 echo (actually could be sold or traded even more profitably, but it would be foolish to compare taking it to whither to taking it to godfall or empire of hands). Firkin of Prisoner's Honey would cost you 25 echo. Supplies acquisition and disposal varies greatly but generally you should assume that a crate of supplies is worth 20 echo. So the easy part of this transaction would be worth to you about 687 echo (or 1062 if you had to go buy the Live Specimen in London).

The cost of SS skullsmall.png +5 x Terror is difficult to estimate (could be nothing, could be captains life) but generally when a matter of fear can be distilled down to a matter of money I'd value 5 terror at 20 echo (port carnelian rates, since they are the most controllable of the cheap ones).

And then there's SS cloudssmall.png The Gods of the Zee: Storm's Attention, which costs another 21-23 echo, 125-500 echo and 10 echo when bought. Or can be exchanged ("sold") for +2 x Veils and +2 x Iron during a random event.

Also the whole ordeal means leaving London with 22 less crates worth of space at your disposal (+2 if you count the purchase of Storm's Attention, -7 if your plan includes using space from something else up before acquiring supplies via a nearby lifeberg) so you can add whatever profit you lost from that to the cost.


Player's Note: Appears to increase the frequency of bad weather while sailing.

Player's Note 2: Appears to increase the size of fogs.

Circumstance status[]

The The Gods of the Zee: Storm's Curse has different status according to your actions, defined by the comment in front of the story.

Journal description[]

  • [1] Storm's curse lies on you

Interaction description[]

  • [1] Storm's curse lies on you
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