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The Horizon Codex
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Category Curiosity
Type Legacy
Data ID 113320

The Horizon Codex is considered a Legacy Curiosity item.

Item description[]

"Herein are recorded certain details of a Voyage through [xxxxx] in the company of [xxxxxx], on [xxxxxx]...."

Game note: Use this to increase your Pages. Unless you sell it, future captains will have access to it.

Linked to[]

It is linked to The Venturer's Venture and Avid Horizon.


The Horizon Codex is a persistent Legacy advantage in Sunless Sea. It confers a +25 starting bonus to Pages and needs only to be obtained once.

You gain this Legacy advantage by doing the Pass beyond with him action while fulfilling The Venturer's Venture in Avid Horizon, or by raising the Supremacy: The Dawn Machine to TRIUMPHANT.

The Horizon Codex (event)[]

The Horizon Codex
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Category Story Event
Type Story
Data ID 168134

The Horizon Codex is a Sunless Sea Story Event.

Story description[]

This came to you by night: how exactly will never be clear. It has been savagely censored, but some details survive...

Trigger conditions[]

Triggered by clicking on The Horizon Codex.


Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Read the Codex

The cover crackles with frost.

The Ministry of Public Decency, which guards against the mysterious, has had its way with the book. Still, arctic fragments of lore remain.... the horror of the wilderness between stars. The inhuman politics of the sky. The inflexible demands of the Sequence and the Chain. You know, now, something of the invisible rules on which the world rests. Game note: This will increase your Pages to 60.
Read the Codex

A philosopher of your degree will learn far more from this book.

The remaining fragments, speak of the wilderness between stars. The inhuman politics of the sky. The 'Judgements' you had read of - those are what we call stars. They order the Universe with their Sequence. They ensure sanity, consistency, mortality, with the Great Chain of Being. Here below, in the night under the earth - here is freedom, madness, terror, delight... Game note: This will increase your Pages to 85.

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