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The Hunter's Cage
Category Shop
Part of Whither
Located in Whither
Data value 38


The Hunter's Cage is a shop in Whither.

Shop Description[]

Whither: "Where are questions born?"

The Hunter's Cage: "A sign reads: BONES PLEASE. The proprietor will sell you beast-meat for stories, or buy your ivory."


Name Buy Sell Notes
SS unterzeesmall.png Stygian Ivory SS scaryeyesmall.png +3 x Tale of Terror!! This is the best bulk source of Tale of Terror!!, and via Irem-trade, all the story-type Curiosities.
SS eggblacksmall.png Star-Shell SS implicationsmall.png +2 x Extraordinary Implication
SS eaterofnamessmall.png The Figurehead of the Eater of Names SS implicationsmall.png +1 x Extraordinary Implication
SS skullbrasssmall.png Anatomical Cabinet SS echosmall.png +100 x Echo
SS suppliessmall.png Supplies SS scaryeyesmall.png -2 x Tale of Terror!! SS scaryeyesmall.png +1 x Tale of Terror!!
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