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The Lady in Lilac
The Lady in Lilac
Position Surgeon

SS heartssmall.png +6 x Hearts
SS pensmall.png +6 x Pages
SS mirrorssmall.png +6 x Mirrors

Data ID 110545

The Lady in Lilac is a potential Surgeon crew member, however note that unlike most Surgeons, she does not count as A Doctor Aboard.

Character Description[]

"Now where exactly did you meet, again? Did Clathermont the tattooist introduce you?"


The The Lady in Lilac can be recruited in SS girlpurplegaz.png An Old Friend, which occurrs when SS skullsmall.png Terror exceeds 75 and you have a Tattoo. Disappears when Terror goes below 26.

Obtaining her also grants the Come Closer Steam Achievement.


Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Increase your Hearts

"I can advise you, certainly. But let's talk about what you already know."

A closer understanding

She smiles warmly: she pats your hand. "There, you see? You know as much as I do. If not more. I'm just glad I could lend an ear."

Game Note: Spend a Secret to improve your Hearts, unless it's higher than 100.

Ask her to stay with you... stave off the night's cold. You are shivering. Perhaps you're fevered. But she glows with warmth.

Surfacing slowly

You fumble awake through a thick haze of dried dreams. Someone was here with you, last night: but there's only one plate on the cabin table. Your hands tremble. You're weak and desperately thirsty. What happened here? Perhaps nothing at all, perhaps only the endless phantasms of the Unterzee. You clutch at memories. They slip away like wet driftwood.

Invite her to dine with you

...and talk about why she came to zee at all.

A matter of philosophy

She smiles coyly. "'Why?' is the question with the longest tale. You wanted me here, didn't you? But why did you want me here? Perhaps you remembered something about me - something about our business dealings, or about a certain business in Vienna - "

Your breathing is shallow. The Lady in Lilac looks concerned. "You look unwell. Here, lie down. Let me - "

Rare event (51%)
A place of pillars

She excuses herself from eating. "My stomach is a little unsettled. The motion of the zee, I think... well, honestly, I've always wanted to see Irem. I do hope we'll travel that way. I know it's not a common destination. But what a place! All the glories of the horizon - "

Your head spins. Perhaps you've spent too long below deck. You excuse yourself and stagger upstairs to get some air.

Introduce Maybe's Daughter to the Lady in Lilac

Do they have something in common?

Failed event The value of Learning About.. will double with each failed interaction, doubling the chance of the next succeeding.
Who do you mean?

The Daughter looks around, bewildered. And, indeed, the Lady in Lilac isn't there.

Successful event
A long silence

It's hard to tell who looks more surprised: the Lady, or the Daughter.

At last, the Daughter croaks uncertainly: "...Mother?"

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