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The Last Constable
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Category Story Event
Type Story
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The Last Constable is a Sunless Sea Story Event.

Story description[]

"Odd. You don't look like the kind my father usually employs." Her father? Her knuckles whiten around her truncheon. "The Cheery Man. Are you here to kill me?"

Trigger conditions[]

The Last Constable is triggered when you succesfully do the Search for the Last Constable action in SS venderbightsmall.png The Tomb-Colony of Venderbight, SS Locations Gaider's Mourn.png Gaider's Mourn, SS Locations Demeaux Island.png Demeaux Island or SS Locations Khan's Heart.png Khan's Heart.


Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Agree to take a message

If you can't take her, perhaps you can take a message instead.

A message

The Last Constable considers for a moment, and tucks her truncheon under her arm. "Sensible. Thank you, Addressed As. Tell my father I'll be back when I'm good and ready. London's my city, too."

Attempt to capture her

"I'm warning you now, Addressed As - stand down."

    SS ironsmall.png Iron challenge (125 for 100%)

Failed event
Her father's child

You lunge; she sidesteps, and cracks you in the ribs. You take her truncheon, but her fists are just as hard. Your crew is too afraid to step in to help.

You fight to a standstill, and a truce. She smiles, as she wipes the blood from her lip. "If only you put that strength to some good, Addressed As. Tell you what: I will return, but when I'm good and ready. Tell my father I'll see him soon. London's my city, too."

Successful event

You lunge; she cracks you over the back with her truncheon, but you take her to the ground. Her fists hit nearly as hard; by the end, it's sheer endurance and determination that allows you to get the better of her. That, and the intervention of your crew, who bind her after you've finally pinned her a second time.

She's escorted to the brig, bound in rope. She doesn't speak a word as you lock the door.

Convince her to return

Or try to, at least. She doesn't seem interested a reunion with her father.

    SS heartssmall.png Hearts challenge (125 for 100%)

Failed event
She hears your arguments. But she only shakes her head. "Thank you, Addressed As. That's enough. I think it'd be best if you simply took this message to my father, instead: I'll be back when I'm good and ready. London's my city, too."
Successful event
Cold consideration

She stares at your feet as you speak. He'll send another for her, you argue; if she doesn't return now, he'll try again. Perhaps with someone more violently inclined, next time. She raises a hand. "Perhaps he will. He's done so before. But you're right: it is time for me to return. It's time to settle matters between us, one way or another. Show me to your ship, Addressed As"


Links In[]

SS venderbightsmall.png The Tomb-Colony of Venderbight, SS corsairsforest portsmall.png Gaider's Mourn, SS demeauxisland portsmall.png Demeaux Island, SS khansheart portsmall.png Khan's Heart

Links Out[]

No outbound links. Probably returns to port.

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