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The Navigator's Confession
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Category Story Event
Type Story
Linked to Sigil-Ridden Navigator

The Navigator's Confession is a Sunless Sea Story Event.

Trigger conditions[]

The Navigator's Confession is triggered by doing the "Captain, may I speak to you? In private." action with the Sigil-Ridden Navigator.

Story description[]

"A square of paper, folded into quarters to make a booklet."


Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Read the first page
    To Whom it may Concern, I hereby record my full and honest confession in the hopes of absolution in Her Enduring Majesty's Service.
- In May, my brother Richard and I took service on the Bonny Swan- he as bosun, I as navigator. The captain, Swinburne, was a good man, but ambitious. When we reached Kingeater's Castle our supplies were low, but we pressed on in the hope of finding land. There was none.
Read the second page
    Our stories nearly depleted, we turned back - and here I committed the first of my crimes.
I mistook my readings and set a bad course. For days we steamed north-west - not west - into the empty dark. our supplies ran out, and still no sign of port. Hunger set in, and terror, and what I pray was madness. Ravening, desperate, raving, we agreed to draw lots, with the loser giving up life and flesh so the others could go on.
Read the third page
    The first of us to draw the short straw was the captain. The second was my brother.

My dear, solemn, solid Richard. There were more after. Seven times we drew. Seven of our number went into the pot, and not a one of them quietly. Those of us who made it back to port swore never to speak of our crime, but one of us - someone whith a keener conscience than mine - confessed. I fled the noose to zee again. I regret it all. I will do anything. Please.

Read the fourth page
    Here he scribbled his later note, when the Admiralty failed to select him for absolution through service.

    You did not answer. If I cannot be forgiven, then I will forget. The Chapel of Lights will help me, for a price.

SS sigilriddennavigatorsmall.png Learning About: The Sigil-Ridden Navigator ≥ 60 [peak to your Sigil-Ridden Navigator to hear his last request.] His eyes meet yours when you look up from the page

    They are dull as old iron. I am done, Addressed As. I am done. I have one last thing to ask of you.

Redirects to: SS sigilriddennavigatorgaz.png Speak with your Navigator

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