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The Satisfied Magician
The Satisfied Magician
Position Chief Engineer

SS veilssmall.png +6 x Veils
SS mirrorssmall.png +5 x Mirrors
SS heartssmall.png +1 x Hearts

The Satisfied Magician is a potential Chief Engineer crew member; he is the successfully promoted version of the Genial Magician, resulting in improved stats and the ability to construct The Serpentine engine, a miracle of science and technology.


He's a good engineer, despite that missing hand. But zailors fall silent when he passes.

Character description[]

"He has the quiet smile of a man who has tamped down the earth on his enemy's grave."


The Satisfied Magician is obtained by completing the Genial Magician storylet:


Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Increase your Veils

A magician never reveals his secrets. He does, however, trade them.

Parting the veil

“On the Surface, darkness is the absence of light. In the Neath - from a particular perspective - the opposite is true...”

Game note: Spend a Secret to improve your Veils, if it is no higher than 100.
Dispel the darkness?

He's mentioned before that he was in the theatre. Could he arrange a... diversion... to improve morale? His eyes are opaque. “Yes,” he acknowledges. “But I will require some very particular materials. Don't ask why.”

An event on the afterdeck

The crew gathers before a backdrop of parabola-linen marked with stars and eyes. Their mood is jocular, sceptical, but anticipatory. They could use a show.

The Magician appears. His eyes are mirrors. (Lenses, no doubt!) He has four arms, like an Indian god. (Surrogates, like his hook, surely.) He exhales blue fire! (Alcohol vapour, probably.) He raises his arms, and the air is filled with golden petals. (Up his sleeve!) Vines leap from the deck, twine his legs, creep up past his waist. (Did he release narcotic vapours?) The air is filled with viric light, and the Neath-roof above trembles, seems to open to a sky with an orange sun. Long grasses rise around you. (Er...)

It's as if you wander in a meadow. Here and there your crew stand, chatting, laughing, eating fallen fruits. Rich juice runs down their chins. The sun is warm. Walls of jungle rise around you. Beneath your feet, the dark earth churns like the sea, and in the shadows of the undergrowth, serpents hiss like steam - but here, for a while, you are safe. Until you wake.

You wake. You are in your bunk: the ship is quiet around you, bar the throbbing of the engines that the Magician tends. The watch-bell rings, and you hear crew rouse from their hammocks. You can still smell hot earth, dark fruit.

A very expensive way to reduce a large chunk of Terror and some Hunger.

Although it requires Bale of Parabola-Linen ≥ 2 you will gain one Bale.

Construct the Serpentine

“I have an idea.”

A weapon of revenge

“I will set my enemy at the heart of an engine. I will make of him a beast of burden. But I'm going to need a drydock. And some money.”

    Game note: Bring 1200 Echoes to the Drydock in London to continue.
    Proposition the Satisfied Magician

    "Oh, yes, very yes indeed. Why don't you come over here?"

    Game note: The Magician enjoys erudition. Ensure that your Pages is at least twenty points higher than your Iron.

    Thrill granting

    The Magician is both accomplished and inventive. He abandons himself entirely to the encounter, and, for a little while, the zee and its terrors are quite forgotten. You can never, however, quite forget the hook: but it lends a frisson all of its own. He urges you to ignore the watch-bell when it tolls. But you are the captain, after all.

    Game note: Opportunities for other trysts will occur while you're at sea, substantially reducing Terror. However, if you have a lover in port, they might find out.

    Exchange a secret smile

    A romance with an Officer might be considered unseemly. You'll need to be discreet.


    Game note: Opportunities for other trysts will occur while you're at sea - but not quite yet.

    Answer his questions about your past

    You've kept your secrets long enough.

    Game note: Unmask yourself! This will allow you to select a Past, Ambition, and form of preferred address - also providing you with a specialist ability bonus.
    “Do you have any use for this?”

    Offer the Magician a Mirrorcatch Box Full of Very Angry Dream-Snakes.


    “No use to me. They're not royalty.” Perhaps that's why he's in such a tearing hurry to leave the room. But perhaps you've properly disturbed his composure.


    • You CAN pass on The Satisfied Magician on via the Shipmate Legacy. You will start with the promoted officer, but no value for your Learning About: The Magician quality.
      • If you pass on this officer and then lose him somehow (say, by installing him as Viceroy of your colony), you can afterward recruit another Genial Magician so long as you DID NOT talk to The Satisfied Magician and advance the storylet -- a non-zero value for Learning About: The Magician will prevent you from recruiting another one. So long as you wait until after he retires to Aestival, you can then promote the new, youthful Magician by completing the storylet as normal.
    • Constructing The Serpentine does not check or require any particular Learning About: The Magician score -- it only requires having a The Satisfied Magician and no The Serpentine. This means if you inherit The Satisfied Magician, you will be able to build it immediately, at game start, provided you have the 1200 Echoes.
      • Relatedly, if you happen to lose your Serpentine somehow (say, to a certain king), you can build another one if you wish.

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