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The Touch of the South
Category Accomplishment
Type Geographic
Linked to SS adamscape portgaz.png Adam's Way
Data ID 109755

The Touch of the South is considered a Misc Quality in Sunless Sea.

Linked to[]

SS adamscape portgaz.png Adam's Way, SS blackgaz.png The Dark Room in SS frostfound interiorgaz.png The Corridors of Frostfound, SS correspondence2small.png Letters of the Name-Which-Burns

Quality description[]

"The lights of the Elder Continent swim in your blood."


Pass a tricky SS veilssmall.png Veils test when zailing South next to SS adamscape portgaz.png Adam's Way. You're dead in the water if you fail, so do keep that in mind.

It's easiest to do with Lampad-class Cutter, outfitted with WE ARE CLAY (and possibly also Pneumatic Ratsender for your trip home), while having Bandaged Chef-Paramount and some Strange Catches as food (wait until Hunger is >= 60 before using them). That way, if your stat is high enough to warrant a 100% success chance, you'll get the Judgements' Eggs without any real risk (you'll always return to Adam's Way) and essentially for free (unless you use Rattus Faber Assistants to make your trip safer, which still only costs you pocket money compared with Eggs' value).

Alternatively, sailing to this event with the Cladery Heart allows you to skip the SS veilssmall.png Veils test entirely and will avoid any hull damage.


Interactions in Brief[]

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Interaction Action Result Type Change
Way Upstream 'The Mountain's Blood' Success +1
The Dark Room 'TRAVELLER RETURNING' Requirement ≥ 1

Interactions in Detail[]

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Story Action Required Effect
Way Upstream The Mountain's Blood Success:

WARNING: Failing this Veils Challenge results in immediate death (Hull is reduced to zero).


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